Cultural Competency – Multi-media Course on Cultural and Religious Influences on Love and Sex

Cultural Competency – Multi-media Course on Cultural and Religious Influences on Love and Sex

Welcome to Loveology University’s overview of our course on: Cultural Competency - Cultural and Religious Influences on Love and Sex. This fascinating course looks at sexually through the lens of sociology and cultural diversity, viewing various cultures, religions and attitudes towards sex and love from a multi-cultural perspective.

In This Course You Will:

  • Learn the variations that exist across and within cultures.
  • Assess where you stand in terms of cultural and behavioral paradigms.
  • Gain perspective on the ways culture shapes sexuality and feelings of lovability.
  • Understand why behaviors are not determined by biology and instincts.
  • Learn how culture and religion impact our sexuality.

Why is it Important to Learn About Cultural Differences?

The cultural context of a client’s life is just as important as the intent for which the client seeks help.

This course studies...

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Intimacy & Disabilities – Multimedia Course on Sex & Disabilities

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Intimacy & Disabilities.  This in-depth course will teach all about the challenges and triumphs of intimacy for people with disabilities.

Definition of Disability

“Disabilities is an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. An impairment is a problem in body function or structure; an activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by an individual in executing a task or action; while a participation restriction is a problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life situations.”~ World Health Organization

What a Disability is Not:

  • The person
  • A reason to mistreat someone
  • A way to take advantage of the system
  • A means for attention
  • A curse or punishment
  • An easy way out
  • A moral consequence

Types of Disabilities

  • Mobility
  • Sensory
  • Environmental
  • Developmental
  • Cognitive
  • Psychiatric

Sexual Rights

  1. Opportunity for sexual expression
  2. ...
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Safe Sex Course

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Safe Sex.  This in-depth course will teach you all about safe sex including sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs), how to protect yourself, safe sex statistics and more.  This expert course was created by Dr. Ava Cadell and Dr. TaMara for Loveology University®.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

A Sexually Transmissible Infection (STI – formerly called STD, or sexually transmitted disease) is an infection that can be passed on through vaginal, anal or oral sex. Most STIs are transmitted through the exchange of sexual fluids, but some can be passed on through skin to skin genital contact.

Having a sexually transmitted infection (STI) can definitely have an impact on sexual pleasure.  An STI can cause significant pain to your internal and external sex organs. This pain may intensify during intercourse. STI’s can also be pretty tricky.

Some STIs, particularly gonorrhea and...

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All About Anal Sex – Multimedia Course on Anal Pleasure

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Anal Sex.  This in-depth course will teach you everything you want to learn about anal sex, anal pleasure, anal do’s and don’ts,  as well as prostate massage, anal toys and anal taboos!

Anal Pleasure

Anal Pleasure triggers immediate butt clenching response in vanilla America.  The thought or visual image of rectal penetration is mortifying, gay, taboo, painful, wrong, unnatural, sinful, and unclean to some. Myths about “trunk butt” deter the curious, and laws about sodomy impede the tempted.

Butt… the naked truth is…  There’s one thing that we all have in common…  We all have a butt!

Anuses are the ultimate neutralizer. The anatomical make-up of an anus is much more similar in men, women, trans, gays, lesbians and bisexuals than their primary and secondary sex organs. The anus does not have a designation, gender or sexual preference.


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Boundaries & Taboos

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Boundaries & Taboos.  This in-depth course will teach you how to be compassionate, open, and non-judgemental when it comes to your client’s unique sexual expressions.

Rather than judging paraphilias and fetishes as negative or taboo, Sex Coaches should seek to help their clients in a sex positive way, rather than thought of as deviant or abnormal.  Instead we see these fetishes as unique sexual expressions along a sliding continuum of diverse sexual practises.  Many of the sexual practices that we see as “normal” today such as anal sex, masturbation and even BDSM, were once thought of as deviant, wrong and even illegal.

What is Taboo?

“One man’s delicacy is another man’s taboo.”—Doctor Who

Webster’s Definition of Taboo:

  1. A prohibition imposed by social custom or as a protective measure

adj. Banned on grounds of morality or taste

What Sexual...

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Communication for Couples

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Communication for Couples.  This in-depth course will teach you the fine art of communication between lovers, including intimate talk for lovers, types of communication, difference between male and female communication styles, positive communication, boundaries and how to say no, erotic words and dirty talking, talking about fantasies and much more.

What is Communication?

Definition of Communication: A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.

Why Do We Need Communication?

Without ways to communicate with each other, the world would be a very lonely place.  Besides being a basic survival skill in which we can express our needs, communication helps us to develop relationships so we can relate to each other, share experiences, love, deal with conflict, and build a stronger and healthier partnership.

Communication is also...

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Talking Dirty Video Course

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Talking Dirty or Erotic Talk.  This in-depth course will teach you everything you need to know about how to entice your lover by learning the erotic language of seduction, talking dirty.

Erotic Talk – Learning the Language of Love

Using your mouth and tongue to communicate erotically has the potential to elevate your sexual experience to new levels!  Erotic talk sets the mood for sexual intimacy.

Why Learn the Art of Talking Dirty?

It can make your love life more exciting, creative, and fun.  It creates more intimacy and improves communication.  And since your most erotic sex organ is your brain, a great mind fuck with erotic talk is a perfect start for trying other things.

The act of talking dirty, whether it is with your long-term partner or new play date is a great way to explore new sexual scenarios because it is safe sex, sexually arousing, uninhibited and allows you to play out a...

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Foot Fetish Video Course

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Foot Fetish.  This in-depth course will teach you everything you need to know about foot fetishes, otherwise known as shrimping or Foot Worship.

What is a Fetish?

A Fetish is an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression.

Degrees of Fetish:

Optional—The fetish is part of a person’s sexual repertoire.

Preferred—Being in active fetishism is better for the individual than not.

Exclusive—In order for the individual to become aroused the object of desire must be incorporated through fantasy and or reality.

What is a Foot Fetish?

As the definition implies, a true foot fetish means inability to be aroused without the presence or fantasy of a foot.  Colloquially people call themselves foot fetishists when feet are objects...

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Polyamory Video Course

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Polyamory.  This in-depth course will teach you everything you need to know about non-monogamy and loving more than one person at a time in your romantic relationships.

What is Polyamory?

Polyamory is the practice of openly and ethically sharing multiple loves.  Unlike traditional forms of polygamy, polyamory is a rather recent cultural invention. People drawn to polyamory believe that natural human desires for more than one partner are best addressed by creating alternative, often utopian, forms of family.

Polyamory Is:

  • Responsible, ethical, honest non-monogamy
  • A deep, emotional, sometimes physical relationship with more than one partner simultaneously
  • Having multiple concurrent loving relationships with the fully informed consent of all parties
  • Loving more than one person at the same time, with or without sexual engagement

Polyamory Is Not:

  • Cheating: blatant withholding of sexual emotional...
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Gay Lovers Video Course

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Gay Lovers. This in-depth course will teach you everything you need to know about coming out, finding a partner, dating and relationships, as well as how to have great sex for gay men.

What does it Mean to be Gay?

These days being Gay refers colloquially to homosexuality.  To be gay means to identify with people who are romantically and or sexually attracted to the same sex.  For this article and video course, we are referring to gay men.  Our course on gay women is here.

An increasingly large amount of research has been done to determine the biological role in orientation and more specifically, homosexuality.

Our genes, hormones, environment, experiences and programming by our peers, all influence our sexual orientation.

Fellatio: Tips on Oral Pleasure for Men

  1. Use the tip of your tongue and slide it side to side across his urethral opening
  2. Lick, kiss, and suck the frenulum for extra...
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