Frequently Asked Questions

No experience or previous education is necessary. But you must be over 21 years old. 


If you want to upgrade to the Certified Love Coach/Loveologist Program at any time during or after your Relationship Coach or Master Sexpert Certification, you can apply the amount you have already paid toward the new certification by e-mailing us at [email protected] It will never cost you more in total than the complete Certified Love Coach Program.

No, you may begin and end wherever you prefer.

We provide you with the LU Entrepreneur Kit that includes career advice for you whether you want to go into Private Practice, Public Speaking, Writing & Publishing, Pleasure Party Businesses, Retail & Online Stores or Media & Internet Marketing. The expansive kit is designed to guide you and help brand and monetize your Love Coaching career. Additionally, we have a Graduate Ambassador who is available for Coaching The Love Coach consultations and mentorship sessions.

Our Certified Love Coach program has everything you need to become a successful Certified Love Coach, Relationship Coach, Master Sexpert and Loveologist®, including over 30 keynote courses with video and audio on everything you need to know about love, romance, relationships, intimacy and sexuality. You can view the syllabus for a complete overview of what is included, time frame, exam information, course evaluation, participation policies.

The Certified Love Coach Program is an extensive four level curriculum that includes 36 Multimedia Course Presentations, 18 training videos, 12 erotic instructional videos, 22 Ask The Expert videos, 30 Sexpert ‘mythbuster’ videos, 6 Documentaries, 32 audios, and 21 books and e-books. This combined material represents over 300 hours in the entire master program at Loveology University® which entitles graduates to receive a Loveologist® Love Coach Certificate, as well as their certification as a Master Sexpert and Relationship Expert, since those curricula are part of the master program. Graduates are automatically eligible to apply for membership to the American College of Sexologists International, a globally recognized organization since 2002. The California Board of Registered Nursing recognizes Loveology University® as a continuing education provider of CEUs.

The Love Coach Program, as with all LU programs, is self-directed, so students may work at their own pace as their schedules provide. All materials, quizzes, exams and certificates are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Depending on time commitment, past students have completed the program in anywhere from six weeks to a year. If a student works on it full time based on a 40-hour work week (eight hours a day, five days a week), they could finish in about six weeks. Students must pass each course quiz plus the final exam at the end of the program to receive a certificate and officially obtain the title of a Certified Loveologist® and Love Coach.

You can find our course curriculum here- Course Curriculum.

Love Coaching is an evolution of Life Coaching and is the 2nd most popular growing career choice today. As a Love Coach you can start a rewarding career where you can help others realize their full intimate potential, find their soul mates and enjoy everlasting love.

Love Coaches study for up to one year, while therapists study for up to 10 years

Love Coaching requires a Loveology University certification while a typical counselor or therapist may spend 2 to 4 years earning a Bachelor’s degree, then 2 or 3 years acquiring a Master’s degree, and continue to train 3000 intern hours in order to open up their own private practice.

Therapists may invest up to $100,000 and then pay for continuing education courses to maintain their license. Love Coach graduates of Loveology University pay 10’s of thousands dollars less to earn their certification and start their own lucrative career.

  • People looking to maximize their dating skills.
  • Singles looking for Mr. or Ms. Right.
  • Someone who wants to move their relationship from dating to intimacy.
  • Couples who want to have more creative romance.
  • Lovers who need to spice up their sex life.
  • Someone who wants to learn how to resolve and settle arguments with their partner.
  • Those who have been unlucky in love and want to break their dating patterns.
  • Anyone having trouble dealing with a long-distance relationship.
  • Individuals recovering from a breakup and want to let go of their ex.
  • Couples wanting to learn how to negotiate relationship boundaries.
  • Any single, dating, in a relationship, or married person who wants love and relationship advice, intimacy, or sex techniques.

You can also go into Private Practice, Public Speaking, Writing & Publishing, Pleasure Party Businesses, Retail & Online Stores or Media & Internet Marketing, become a Sexpert Spokesperson or Brand Ambassador, or a Love, Sex Expert, Romance or Dating Advisor for magazines, e-zines, TV, radio, Celebrity Love Coach and Media Advisor.

The ultimate goal of this certificate is to educate you on sexual health and pleasure with comprehensive courses on topics for empowerment, from Healing, Communication, Flirting, Dating to Self-Pleasuring, Intimacy and Disabilities, Pleasing a Man, Pleasing a Woman to Transgender and Cultural Influences on Love and Sex. The Love Coach certification also gives you the opportunity to establish your own Love Coach business, become a public speaker, seminar and workshop leader, sex blogger and media sexpert. Your certificate is proof to potential clients that you completed our program(s) of up to 300 hours of education. It also makes you eligible to become an ACS and AASECT member, which provides more credibility and community.

You can use the 300 hour certification of our Love Coach Program towards your international accreditation as a Sex Educator at the American College of Sexologists. ACS International is recognized worldwide and believes that you deserve to have validation for your work to signify your professionalism and passion in your chosen field. ACS certification can opens doors to opportunities globally in the field of sexuality. 

You can also earn continuing education credits towards new membership or renewal at the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). As a member, you will become a part of the AASECT community and can attend annual events for additional training. You will also have access to member listserv (google group) where members are active in sharing ideas and information about the industry. 


Loveology University is NOT an accredited university that offers degrees, credits or transcripts. 

We only offer certifications of completion of our three programs, and continuing education hours toward AASECT and ACS membership.

To earn Certification from our programs, you must pass the respective final exam. You must be able to answer 100 questions consisting of multiple choice, true/false and short answers. The multiple choice & true/false answers will be 50% and short answers will be the other 50% of the exam. All students must complete the exam and have a passing grade of 80% or higher.

Grades are available immediately for the multiple choice and true / false answers, and written form answers will be evaluated within a few days of completion.

Quizzes can be retaken unlimited times. Exams can be retaken once a month.

Sorry, but we are a 100% digital and all materials will be delivered electronically via our student portal. However, you are welcome to print the course handouts and eBooks yourself which are downloadable as PDF documents!

They have used their qualifications to develop a private Love Coaching practice, as public speakers at workshops, lectures and seminars, become radio, TV or internet experts, pleasure party consultants, authors, retailers, educators and entrepreneurs in the field of love, relationships, romance, intimacy and sexuality. See testimonials by successful graduates. 

Loveology University® Grievance Procedure

1. The policy of Loveology University® is to ensure that any grievances are resolved promptly and we offer a full refund (within 10 days) to any student who is not completely satisfied with their program or course of study.

2. We request that students send us an informal e-mail to [email protected] and an outline of their grievance so that we may resolve the issue directly. One of the technical support or student mentors will contact the student to help resolve whatever their issue might be, whether it’s a technology problem or content concerns.

As stipulated in our LU Guarantee, if you are dissatisfied with your learning experience, LU will give you a 100% refund within 10 days of your enrollment. Simply email us at [email protected] and let us know specifically what it is that you are unsatisfied with and we will refund any fees paid.

The benefits of this program are receiving Loveology University Certification, cutting-edge sex education and increasing your value by adding love coaching services to your existing business.

You will have a passionate career, become your own boss in one of the most popular growing professions and enjoy freedom, flexibility and independence, as you proudly watch your business flourish.The benefits will also change your personal life by improving intimate communication and increasing romance with intimacy so that your love life will flourish and you will gain competitive advantage over other consultants with your advanced training.

We offer three programs at LU – Relationship Coach, Master Sexpert, and Certified Love Coach/Loveologist®

The Certified Love Coach is our master program with over 300 hours of curriculum, which encompasses the other two programs, and also includes two unique programs, including 'Healing' and ‘Coaching the Love Coach.’ You are entitled to all three diplomas upon request within this master program.

The Master Sexpert program includes courses on only sex-related areas of study, such as Erotic Massage, Oral Pleasure and Positions, while Relationship Coach includes courses on more foundational relationship topics like Communication, Love, Flirting and Dating.

We recommend the Love Coach program because it’s the ultimate education, with 38 courses that include the largest spectrum – from Consent and Safer Sexual Health to Tantric Love and Polyamory to Power Play. There is explicit adult video content in both programs, which is optional. It’s a self-paced program, so you can graduate as quickly as your time investment will allow, and depending on your existing knowledge, it can take anywhere from one to six months. We do offer payment plans up to six months long as well.

In terms of what you can do with your certification, we have Loveology University graduates who have become successful Love Coaches, Sexologists, Counselors, Authors, Global Speakers, Erotic Store Owners, Media Sexperts and Entrepreneurs. Additionally, our LU blog,, is a great website to promote your business, and our graduates get the inside track for writing articles or toy reviews that can link to your sites. So whether you’re interested in becoming a sex educator or relationship coach, these courses are designed to give you the knowledge you need to start a practice or business.

Upon graduation, you can become a member of the American College of Sexologists International and you are eligible to apply for AASECT membership or renewal of certification.

Anyone who is interested in learning about love, relationships, romance, intimacy and human sexuality. This includes Practicing Life Coaches, Sex Bloggers, Psychology and Human Sexuality Students, Home Party Consultants, Massage Therapists, Nurses, Yoga Teachers, Therapists, Social Workers, Adult Toy Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors.

The curriculum consists solely of required on-line material researched and written by Dr. Ava Cadell and other experts in love, relationships and human sexuality. As a student, you will also have access to all of the instructional and training videos, audios, and digital reading material that Dr. Cadell, her staff and pool of experts have produced.

eLearning is convenient, affordable and self-paced so you can participate on your own schedule. There is plenty of take home value and opportunity to grow, learn and improve limitations. You can access the curriculum and quizzes on your computer or use our mobile app.

So if you want the freedom to design a career you LOVE, work from home, or anywhere in the world, enjoy a flexible schedule and have more time to live your life to the fullest, eLearning is for you.

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52 sizzling sex tips will keep your love life and your client's love life hot all year around.


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