Why Hire a Sex Coach?

sex coach sex education Sep 13, 2022
Why Hire a Sex Coach?

Why Hire a Sex Coach?

If you are looking into coaching as a career, you may wonder why do people hire a Sex Coach?

Here are lots of stats from numerous studies that show Sex Coaching is very much in demand and what obstacles the majority of people want help solving.

  • At least 20% of the adult population experience sexual issues.
  • These issues impact greatly their relationships and happiness.
  • There is mounting awareness about the possibility of reaching sexual well-being but a shortage of mainstream solutions to interact and act on it.
  • Sexual therapy is part of the regular therapy practice, however the word “therapy” feels overwhelming and expensive for most people who would want to address their sexual well-being.
  • Sexual issues or concerns most of time do not equate to emotional “crisis” but simply ongoing frustrations.
  • People know they could do better but don’t know who or where to reach to discuss their issue.
  • Sexual well-being information is mainstream, but solutions to work on the issues with coaches or advisers are not.
  • There is still a “shame” factor in expressing sexual issues or concern and people fear judgment.

At Least 20% of Adults Could Use Sex Coaching

From the above stats we can gather than there are many adults who are experiencing some kind of sexual issues in their lives that greatly affect their happiness and sexual wellbeing.  But, there is a shortage of knowledge on how or where to get help.

Top Sexual Issues or Concerns Impacting Happiness Stats

The following is a list of sexual concerns impacting the lives of many adults, male and female, ages 20-60 years.

  • Unable to Climax – Women ages 20-39 – Very Important
  • Performance Anxiety – Men ages 40-60 – Very Important
  • Not Enough Sex – Men & Women ages 40-60 – Important
  • Afraid to Express Fantasies to partners – Everyone – Important
  • Low Sexual Desire & Vaginal Dryness – Women 40-60 – Very Important
  • Need More Variety in the Bedroom – Men & Women 40-60 – Important
  • Marriage Wearing Out – Men & Women 40-60 – Very Important
  • Body Image – women & men all ages – Very Important
  • Masturbation Stigma – All women & men 20-39 – Very Important
  • Penis Size – All Men – Very Important

Survey Monkey October 2016 Results

More than 60 % of the respondents had concerns about their sexual life not being fulfilled and having an impact their self-esteem, their relationship or well-being often or sometime during their adult life.

More than 70 % have considered or would consider consulting a therapist or a coach to discuss sexual/relationships issues/concerns.

More than 35 % would consider sexual/relationship coaching online and/or on the phone knowing it would be done in full anonymity, as long as you have a phone or a computer.

Conclusion: The World Needs More Sex Coaches!

So, the conclusion?  The world needs more Sex Coaches.  This is great news for people who desire to make coaching their career.  Sex is one of the most important parts of a relationship, and relationships are the number one things that brings happiness and fulfillment to people’s lives.

So, if you want to help more people become happy, become a Sex Coach and help make the world a happier, more loving (and sexier!) place.

Sex Coach

Sex Coach can work one-on-one with individuals or couples, or even groups, to help empower their clients sexually, teach them sexual skills, and give them permission to make pleasure a part of their lives.  They may teach specific skills like BDSM or KINK, or may specialize in finding the G-spot, or energy orgasms.  They may teach basic Sex Ed to college students or young adults, or give resources to women over 50 on how to reignite their libido or give advice to men who deal with male stamina challenges.  A Sex Coach helps people remove inhibitions that hold them back from having a sexually fulfilling life.

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