Best Sex Positions Course for the Deeper Orgasms

Jun 19, 2018

Online Sex Positions Course

Learn how to achieve the best sex positions for deeper penetration, better orgasms, and hotter, more passionate sex in our online course.

Are you tired of the old in and out missionary style basics?  Ready to spice it up with some sexual acrobatics and porn star positions?  Perfect!  Take our Online Sexual Positions Course to learn more about playful sex positions from easy and fun, to classic Kama Sutra positions, and even the most challenging sexual poses.

In our Loveology University Playful Positions Course you will learn all about how to achieve sexual positions based on your style and level of ability, as well as ones to challenge you in the bedroom.  Learn sex positions for all types of sex including penetrative sex, oral sex, anal sex, intercourse, analingus, male on male positions, female on female positions, ménage a trois, foursomes and ancient Kama Sutra positions! You’ll also learn how to use position aids,...

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