Cultural Competency – Multi-media Course on Cultural and Religious Influences on Love and Sex

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Cultural Competency – Multi-media Course on Cultural and Religious Influences on Love and Sex

Welcome to Loveology University’s overview of our course on: Cultural Competency - Cultural and Religious Influences on Love and Sex. This fascinating course looks at sexually through the lens of sociology and cultural diversity, viewing various cultures, religions and attitudes towards sex and love from a multi-cultural perspective.

In This Course You Will:

  • Learn the variations that exist across and within cultures.
  • Assess where you stand in terms of cultural and behavioral paradigms.
  • Gain perspective on the ways culture shapes sexuality and feelings of lovability.
  • Understand why behaviors are not determined by biology and instincts.
  • Learn how culture and religion impact our sexuality.

Why is it Important to Learn About Cultural Differences?

The cultural context of a client’s life is just as important as the intent for which the client seeks help.

This course studies the cross-cultural variations and interpretations of religious traditions, with respect to individual sexuality.

Anecdotal stories in the course provide a valuable resource. Reading about others experience can help to reduce ethnocentricity.

What is Ethnocentricity?

“Ethno” refers to ethnicity and “centricity” refers to centralizing your view based only on the culture you currently know. “Erotocentricity" is a type of enthnocentricism which assumes that one’s culture is “right” in terms of sexual value systems, standards, and behaviors.

The opposite of ethnocentricity is cultural relativism. Those who can appreciate and respect differences between themselves and others are cultural relativists.

What is Cultural Competency?

Cultural Competency refers to the awareness of cross-cultural differences when coaching a client. It’s the process of continually integrating cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural skill, cultural encounters, and cultural desire into treatment, so that the client is always understood from within their own experience.

Who Decides Normalcy?

In different times and places in history, what is “normal” has varied considerably.  To serve as an objective and professional love coach, you must consider your own perspective and the views of your client, taking into account the beliefs you each have about social norms.


The value in education is learning; learning is a dialogue, a proposition to solve together.

The research question is not why some people are gay or whether homosexuality is biology or choice.

If we want to stay within true pedagogy we should ask, “Sexual orientation: biology or choice?” or “Why does our culture impose sexual orientation and not just let people express themselves flexibly?”

That is, if we want to dissolve dominance and exclusion we need to question the larger classification system rather than zoom in on the minorities within it.


Preview Video

What is Included in the Cultural Competency Course?

This exclusive course on : Cultural Competency includes a Narrated Multimedia Video Course, including extra Video Training:

  • Dr. Ava Cadell interviews Dee Tome, a Maasai tribe member in the Maasai Mara, Kenya. Dee speaks about love, relationships, marriage and sex in the Maasai culture.
  • Professor and sexologist Dr. Amanda Morgan defines ‘ecosexuality,’ discussing the need for a new paradigm for viewing the earth as our ‘lover’ rather than our ‘mother.’

Plus!, you will learn:





Assessment Questions

Belief Activity

Sexual Attitude Restructuring


World views

Cultural Influences

Gender Balances




Moral Principles

Influences on Coaching



Being on the Down Low

Erectile Dysfunction


Mate Selection


Marriage Self-reflection

Premarital Sex




Elder Sex

Sexual Positions




Universal Fantasy


Genital Modification

Sex Education


Sexual Well Being




Cultural Differences


Religious Differences

American Baptist

Eastern Orthodoxy

Latter Day Saints

Presbyterian Church

Southern Baptist Convention

Evangelical Lutheran








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