Aphrodisiacs for Better Sex

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Aphrodisiacs for Better Sex

Aphrodisiacs Video Course

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Aphrodisiacs.  This in-depth course will teach you everything you need to know about aphrodisiacs, including the top 10 aphrodisiacs for better sex, and deadly aphrodisiacs to avoid.

What Are Aphrodisiacs?

The common definition of aphrodisiacs are those substances imbibed or ingested for the purpose of increasing libidinal pleasure.  They are named from the Goddess Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love!

“Some [aphrodisiac] foods lower inhibitions, some get the blood flowing directly to the genitalia, and some foods release happy hormones.”—Dr. Ava Cadell

The Top 10 Aphrodisiacs for Better Sex

  1. Chocolate: Part of the chocolate make-up hits the same brain pleasure center as orgasming. When a person eats chocolate the part of the brain that feels sex is triggered. There is scientific evidence that chocolate releases the same pleasure hormones in your body that you feel when you’re in love so it’s no wonder that it’s so addictive. Includes caffeine and a plant substance called phytosteral that mimics human sex hormones.  Feed your lover chocolate and let the swooning begin.
  2. Oysters: Shellfish gain automatic placement on the aphrodisiac list for their direct connection with the goddess of sex. Oysters contain zinc, an essential mineral for men needed for sperm production and it releases testosterone in men and women. For someone with zinc deficiencies, oysters and similar shellfish will send a nice buzz through your body. This is the restoration of health, and consequently sexual drive.
  3. Saffron: An exotic and expensive spice that is an anti-inflammatory and anticancer agent. Some studies show that is may be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction and boosting sexual function in women.
  4. Ginseng: This is one of the most renowned Chinese herbs for increasing sexual vitality. It does this by building energy throughout the whole body.
  5. Ginger: Ginger increases blood flow to the genitals in both men and women.
  6. Chili Peppers: Hot chili peppers get the face flushing, heart pumping, pores sweating, and blood flowing toward the genitals.
  7. Apples: Apples are known as the fruit of temptation since the beginning of time, and they are filled with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that stimulate sexual desire.
  8. Shrimp: Shrimp is high in iodine, which is needed by the thyroid gland that regulates energy, including sexual energy.
  9. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are known as “love apples,” and in early times were forbidden by Puritans because of its reputation as a potent sexual stimulant.
  10. Pumpkin: Pumpkin pie is the top contender to increase penile blood flow by an average of 40 percent faster.
  11. Celery: Celery contains androsterone, a powerful male hormone released through sweat glands to attract women.
  12. Watermelon: According to Science Daily, the watermelon has phyto-nutrients (lycopene, beta carotene and citrulline) that act like Viagra to relax the blood vessels and may even increase libido.

What Foods Make You More Sexually Active or Increase Sexuality?

Any food could make you feel more sexually attractive, or may seem to raise your libido.  It depends on what you think or believe the food can do.  Certainly, foods that help increase the blood flow to the genitals can help increase your ability to get aroused and enhance your sex life, but keep in mind, desire is mainly in the brain, not the genitals.

How to Increase Libido Naturally Without Viagra?

First make sure your lack of getting erections is not medically related.  Next, if you are over-weight, loose some weight, eat healthy and exercise.  Don’t over imbibe in alcohol, drugs, or fatty meats and quit smoking.  Relieve stress and try meditation, tai chi, or yoga to go with the flow.  Get lots of rest and plenty of sleep.  Overcome conflicts in your relationships and practice good communication skills. Avoid toxins that decrease testosterone.

Then again, having your lover dress up as the main course may spice up your libido as well!

Do Aphrodisiacs Work?

An aphrodisiac can turn those sexual blues around when a mineral or vitamin-rich food is eaten.

Sliding an oyster down the hatch will jolt you with a shot of zinc, which is an essential mineral, and also helps with testosterone production too.

So, some foods can increase your energy or feelings or vitality.  However, most aphrodisiacs work via the Placebo Effect.

The placebo effect: “The mind is the most potent aphrodisiac there is. It’s very difficult to evaluate something someone is taking because if you tell them it’s an aphrodisiac, the hope of a certain response might actually lead to an additional sexual reaction.”—John Renner, founder of the Consumer Health Information Research Institute

Dangerous Aphrodisiacs

There are some substances that are called Aphrodisiacs that definitely should be avoided.

These include:

  • Rhinoceros Horn (illegal to hunt and are almost extinct, plus do nothing for the libido)
  • Mandrake (roots and berries are very poisonous)
  • Spanish Fly (inflames your urethra, painful, dangerous and deadly in small doses)
  • Alcohol (lowers inhibitions and impairs judgement)
  • Cinnabar (also called “Dragon’s Blood” is a mercury based mineral is a deadly poison in the form of quick silver).

Aphrodisiacs Video Course Sneak Peek

Today’s sneak peek video is all about Aphrodisiacs, a comprehensive digital course that will teach you everything you need to know about using food for sex and fun, available via our Certified Relationship Coach program!


This exclusive Aphrodisiac course includes Narrated Multimedia Video Course on Aphrodisiacs, an Aphrodisiacs PDF Course Workbook (126 pages), Video Training: Aphrodisiacs with Dr. Ava Cadell, Beyond Dinner – a Short Film, Audios: Aphrodisiacs Audio Course (27 minutes), and an Ebook: Sexy Little Book of Sex Games. Plus, you will learn:

  • All about sexual desire
  • The ABCs of Aphrodisiacs including: rhino horn, spanish fly, alcohol, chocolate, oysters, yohimbine, mandrake, ginseng, beans, tomato, exotic fruits, mushrooms, honey, goji berry, and garlic.
  • Phallic and yoni shaped foods
  • Good games
  • Foods that cure
  • Seduction with foods
  • Our Exotic inter-course menu
  • The oat anecdote
  • Sexual herbs
  • Mystical, magical, & the occult
  • Dangerous Aphrodisiacs
  • All about Viagra
  • How do Aphrodisiacs work
  • The Placebo effect
  • The Hawthorne effect
  • And, much, much more…

This video is just a small component of our comprehensive Certified Relationship Coach program that will teach you everything you need to know about Couple’s enrichment, Love, Aphrodisiacs, Foreplay, Flirting, Kissing, Tantra, Relationship Coaching Niches, How to Become a Relationship Coach, Erotic Massage, as well as how to overcome relationship obstacles and so much more.

And, remember, an apple a day… Well, it couldn’t hurt!

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