How to Please a Woman Sexually

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How to Please a Woman Sexually

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on How to Please a Woman Sexually.  This in-depth course will teach you all about the importance of pleasing a woman, what a woman needs, benefits, physical and sexually pleasing a woman, and so much more!

How to Please a Woman

You have the power to become the ideal partner and lover that every woman wants making women desire you, and even ask for sex!

How do you access that power, you may ask?  Sex is an art that requires awareness and knowledge of a woman’s needs and desires. Read on for the best tips on how to please a woman sexually.

Benefits of Knowing How to Please a Woman

  • Builds confidence
  • Creates feelings of desirability
  • Entices her to be more sexual
  • Induces pleasure from giving
  • Improves skills
  • Increases intimacy
  • Helps with commitment
  • Results in better sex

What a Woman Wants & Needs

  • Stimulating her mind and her body
  • Helping her to be confident in bed
  • Putting her needs first
  • Being considerate of her feelings
  • Communicating your feelings about her
  • Helping her to surrender sexuality

How to Make Her Feel Like a Goddess

If you want to learn how to please a woman, treat her like a Goddess. Bring home little trinkets for no special reason.  A single flower or some chocolates will let her know that you were thinking about her, even when she wasn’t with you.

Women like to fantasize about an upcoming romantic encounter.  To create sexual anticipation, call her during the day to prepare her for the evening’s events.  Tell her what you plan to do to her.  You can also send emails — but make sure you’re aware of who else may read them.

Let your lover know that she’s making a positive difference in your life.  And show her how much you appreciate her by making her breakfast in bed.  Write her love letters.  Give her lots of compliments; physical, emotional, and appreciative ones.

You can never be too romantic or too old-fashioned when it comes to winning a woman’s heart.  Take her on romantic walks or surprise her with a picnic lunch.  Always kiss her goodbye and give her a big welcome home and don’t miss an opportunity to kiss her at unexpected times in unexpected places.

Let her know what you love about her the most.  Phone her in the middle of the day just because you want to hear her voice.  Take her on a date once a week.  Record a message of love for her to listen to at home or in the car.

Okay, you get the idea.  Today’s woman, like those of previous generations, wants a knight in shining armor.  You may not have the horse or armor, but it is, and always has been, chivalry that counts.

Get in the Mood for Love

When you do get home, you can do a lot to set the mood for a woman by stimulating all five of her senses.  Some ways you might do this include:

  • Play her favorite music, whisper sweet love-talk before, during, and after you make love to her.
  • Stimulate her sense of smell with fresh flowers, exotic incense, scented candles, and her favorite cologne.
  • Decorate the bedroom as if you were expecting a VIP to spend the night with pictures, ornaments, and candles.
  • Create new touch sensations with oils, lotions, and powders.
  • Make love on satin sheets and then tickle her with feathers.
  • Order in a gourmet dinner or buy delectable snacks and feed her by hand.

How to Satisfy a Woman Sexually in Bed: Be a Man with a Slow Hand

Many women enjoy a slow, built-up seduction that gives them lots of time to turn on, get aroused and build desire.  You can achieve this by doing everything S-L-O-W-L-Y.

You should undress a woman slowly and kiss and caress every part of her skin before making love to her.  Sex should not be a race to the finish line.  Go slowly and make love to each part of her.

Giving Her an Erotic Massage

Every man should learn to give his lover a slow, sensual massage.  Such a time is also good for helping you discover all of her erogenous zones from her toes to the top of her head.  Simply ask her to rate your caresses and kisses from 1 to 10 and remember that she is not rating you, but her erogenous zones.  Make a mental note of where key spots are that she rates 8 and above.

Try using ice, whipped cream, or strawberry jam for foreplay, but be cautious to put it on a woman’s body, not inside her.  The key is to build sexual anticipation and take her slowly toward her orgasm and wait to have your orgasm last.  Oooh yeah!

How to Please a Woman Sexually Video Course

Today’s sneak peek video is all about How to Please a Woman Sexually, a comprehensive digital course that will teach you everything you need to know about How to Please a Woman Sexually, available via our Certified Love Coach program!

In this exclusive How to Please a Woman Sexually course, which includes a video slide show and downloadable PDF, PLUS! Videos: Tantric Massage: How to Relax and Arouse with Sensual Tantric Techniques (performed by a man on a woman) with Brett Stephenson, Dr. Ava’s How To Please A Woman, Audio: Dr. Ava’s Passion Power Audio for Men, E-book: The Loveologist® Guide To What Women Want In Bed, you will learn:

  • All About Pleasing a Woman
  • The Importance of pleasing a woman
  • What a woman needs
  • Benefits of Pleasing a Woman
  • Top ten ways to make her love you
  • 14 qualities she wants in a man
  • Emotionally pleasing a woman
  • Couples Communication
  • Couples Intimacy
  • Mentally, physically and sexually pleasing a woman
  • The G-spot
  • Giving Her a Trigasm
  • Sex toys for women
  • Foreplay for Couples
  • Female Masturbation
  • Lubricants for Women
  • Sexercise tips by Dr. Ava

This video is just a small component of our comprehensive Certified Love Coach program that will teach you everything you need to know about sexual pleasure, arousal, orgasms, sexual anatomy, how to please and man and a woman, as well as how to overcome relationship obstacles and so much more.

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