Why Hire a Sex Coach?

Jul 13, 2017

Why Hire a Sex Coach?

If you are looking into coaching as a career, you may wonder why do people hire a Sex Coach?

Here are lots of stats from numerous studies that show Sex Coaching is very much in demand and what obstacles the majority of people want help solving.

  • At least 20% of the adult population experience sexual issues.
  • These issues impact greatly their relationships and happiness.
  • There is mounting awareness about the possibility of reaching sexual well-being but a shortage of mainstream solutions to interact and act on it.
  • Sexual therapy is part of the regular therapy practice, however the word “therapy” feels overwhelming and expensive for most people who would want to address their sexual well-being.
  • Sexual issues or concerns most of time do not equate to emotional “crisis” but simply ongoing frustrations.
  • People know they could do better but don’t know who or where to reach to discuss their issue.
  • Sexual well-being information is...
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Masturbation —Self-Pleasure Video Course

Jul 12, 2017

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Masturbation—Self-Pleasure.  This in-depth course will teach you all about masturbation, myths, how to masturbate, self-love, mutual masturbation with your lover, sex toys and so much more!

Masturbation Definition

Masturbation refers to sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals often to the point of orgasm.  It can be performed in numerous ways, using the hands, sex toys, dry humping, aided by sexual fantasies and by many other methods. Masturbation is the most common form of sexual stimulation.  80% of males and 59% of females have masturbated by age 18 and 98% of men and about 95% of women have (or do) masturbate.  The American Medical Association declared masturbation a normal and healthy sexual activity in 1972.

Watch this Sneak Peek Video on Our Masturbation : Self-Pleasure Video Course Below

Masturbation is Good for Your Health!

Did you know that masturbation is actually good...

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Tantra — Tantric Love Video Course

Jul 10, 2017

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Tantra — Tantric Love.  This in-depth course will teach you what is tantra, the types and history of Tantra, tantric sex, orgasmic kissing, multiple orgasms, tantric massage, tantric sex positions, and much more!

Watch this Sneak Peek Video on Our Tantra: Tantric Love Video Course Below


What is Tantra?

Many people are unclear about what Tantra is and what it is not.

Tantra is not a religion, a sexual cult, a new age spiritual philosophy, exhibitionism, swinging, or sex therapy.  Tantra is a Sanskrit (ancient Hindu language) word that means to weave energy, specifically Yin (female) and Yang (male) energy, between two lovers.  This energy includes our thoughts, feelings, and physical and sexual actions.

There are different kinds of Tantra, but we are going to focus on Red Tantra, which directs sexual energy to your lover.  So, I’d like to welcome you to a unique journey of...

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Lesbian Sexuality- Women Loving Women Video Course

Jul 07, 2017

Welcome to Loveology University’s sneak preview video course on Lesbian Sexuality: Women Loving Women.  This course defines what is a lesbian, sexual orientation, history of lesbianism, stereotypes, dating tips and the different ways that women make love with other women.

Watch this Sneak Peek Video on Our Lesbian Sexuality–Women Loving Women Video Course Below

Lesbian Sexuality: What is Sexual Orientation?

Our genes, hormones, environment, experiences and programming by our peers, all influence our sexual orientation.

What are Lesbian Lovers?

Lesbianism is the romantic and sexual desire between two women.  A lesbian is a woman who experiences Sapphic desire for other women exclusively, but not for men.  A Bisexual woman is a female who is sexually attracted to both men and women to various degrees.  A lesbian need not act upon her desires to identify as Lesbian, and may even be celibate or in a long term relationship with a man.  In other...

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Relationship Coaching Niches

Jul 04, 2017

What are the various Relationship Coaching niches?

There are many Relationship Coaching niches you can choose from to specialize in.

One of the biggest mistakes that new Relationship Coaches make, is that they try to be all things to everyone.

This means that they can’t target their “perfect” client because they are trying to target everyone.  And, from a marketing perspective, that means more competition, clients who won’t be able to identify with you, and in the long run, ending up serving clients who you don’t resonate with either.

What type of Relationship Coach do you want to be?

As individuals, we all have our own strengths, skills, experiences, likes and dislikes.  Are you married or single or divorced?  Male or female identified?  Heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bi, trans or queer?  What age group do you identify with?  Do you consider yourself vanilla or kinky?

You could serve a cultural, religious, or specific race...

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Sexual Fantasy – Sexual Fantasies & Role-Playing Video Course

Jul 04, 2017

What is a Sexual Fantasy? Welcome to Loveology University’s Video Course on Sexual Fantasy – Sexual Fantasies & Role-Playing Video Course. Fantasies are the imagination’s desires, fears and drives that a person experiences as a sequence or a brief visual flash.  Sexual or erotic fantasies are specific because of their sexual content and/or intention

Is Having a Sexual Fantasy Normal?

Having a sexual fantasy is completely normal and healthy, even if the fantasy itself may seem way out there, weird, or even extreme.  We don’t have control over our subconscious mind or the sexual triggers that stimulate our brain sexually.  In fact, many fantasies are fantasies in the first place because they are naughty, forbidden, and even dangerous.

Sexual fantasies are completely safe to play out in the privacy of your own mind.  Remember a fantasy is just that, and not necessarily something you would really want to try out in real life.

Most Sexperts...

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Male Sexuality — Male Anatomy & Arousal

Jun 26, 2017

Male Sexuality

Welcome to Loveology University’s Video Course on Male Sexuality.

Our comprehensive course on Male Sexuality will teach you all about male sexuality and penis health, as well as how to deal with male sexual issues such as lasting longer, performance issues, stamina, erectile dysfunction and more.  Read on for some penis exercises below!

Watch this Sneak Peek Video on Our Male Sexuality Course Below

The Penis Workout (Excerpt from Course on Male Sexuality)
by Dr. Ava Cadell

It’s a known fact.  As we get older, we get shorter, literally shrinking in height.  However, some people who stick to a strict workout regimen, including exercises such as stretching, yoga, or Pilates, can avoid shrinkage and enhance their overall health.  The same can be said about the penis.  If you don’t stretch and exercise, your penis will be smaller, operating at less than its fullest potential.  There is plenty of extra skin and tissue at the...

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How to Become a Relationship Coach

Jun 24, 2017

How to Become a Relationship Coach!

If you are interested in learning How to Become a Relationship Coach, then you have come to the right place!

At Loveology University, we specialize in training people how to become a Love, Intimacy, Dating, Sex and Relationship Coach, so they can begin an exciting new career.

What is a Relationship Coach?

A Love and Relationship Coach is a professional you can hire to help assist you with your personal development, in the area of achieving specific goals in love, dating, relationships, romance, intimacy and sexuality.

Check out our article: “What is a Love Coach?” to find out more.

Why Become a Relationship Coach?

Life is flexible.  Is your job?

Relationship Coaching is the second fastest growing profession in the world and currently the most popular.  It is a fun, lucrative, rewarding career that gives you the freedom to design your own career path, work as little or as much as you want, while getting tremendous rewards...

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Female Sexuality – Female Anatomy & Arousal

Jun 16, 2017

Welcome to Loveology University’s Video Course on Female Sexuality.


You Are Responsible for Your Own Pleasure and Orgasm!

The most important thing to remember about female sexuality is that YOU are in the driver’s seat and are the champion of your own desire, pleasure and orgasms. No one else is responsible for giving you orgasms – you need to take control of your own female sexuality and:

  • Accept your female sexuality
  • Be Aware of what arouses you
  • Be Knowledgeable about your body and its biological changes
  • Give Yourself Permission to surrender to pleasure
  • Take Responsibility for your orgasm

These are the first steps to claiming your own sexual pleasure—learning about female sexuality, your body and what turns you on through self-pleasure, and giving yourself permission to surrender to pleasure and orgasm.

Watch Video on Female Sexuality Below 

Sexual Stages of a Woman (Excerpt from Course on Female Sexuality)
by Dr. Ava Cadell

Whether you are...

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Eroticism: A Video Course on Erotica and Porn

Jun 15, 2017

LU’s Course on Erotica

What is Erotica?

What is Erotica?  What is Porn?  What is the difference?  Is it merely subjective? Or is the difference only the lighting?

Erotica Definition:

“Literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire.”—

Eroticism: How explicit sex and body images arouse the mind and senses

What is porn?

“Pornography definition, sexually explicit videos, photographs, writings, or the like, whose purpose is to elicit sexual arousal.”—

Porn Defined:

  • Porn can be very difficult to define because one can never refer to anything objective or measurable.
  • All one can say with certainty is that some people use this word to indicate disapproval of nudity and sex in the manner in which they are presented in stage shows, movies, music, pictures, books, art, magazines and the internet.


Erotica versus Porn

As you can see by the...

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