Best Sex Positions Course for the Deeper Orgasms

sex positions Jul 15, 2022
Best Sex Positions Course for the Deeper Orgasms

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Online Sex Positions Course

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Learn how to achieve the best sex positions for deeper penetration, better orgasms, and hotter, more passionate sex in our online course.

Are you tired of the old in and out missionary style basics?  Ready to spice it up with some sexual acrobatics and porn star positions?  Perfect!  Take our Online Sexual Positions Course to learn more about playful sex positions from easy and fun, to classic Kama Sutra positions, and even the most challenging sexual poses.

In our Loveology University Playful Positions Course you will learn all about how to achieve sexual positions based on your style and level of ability, as well as ones to challenge you in the bedroom.  Learn sex positions for all types of sex including penetrative sex, oral sex, anal sex, intercourse, analingus, male on male positions, female on female positions, ménage a trois, foursomes and ancient Kama Sutra positions! You’ll also learn how to use position aids, sex furniture and more!

How to Assess What Positions Are Right for You and Your Partner

Before you go and try a crazy sex position that you may have seen performed by porn stars, you should really assess you and your partner’s skill level as well as other factors to see if that position is right for you.  Better to know beforehand than to fall flat on your face (or worse, seriously injure yourself or your partner!)

Here are some of the questions you should ask before attempting a difficult position:

  • How flexible is my partner?
  • What should I do with long hair?
  • Should jewelry be removed?
  • How long is foreplay going to last?
  • What is my partner expecting?
  • How am I going to protect myself?
  • Where is sex going to take place?
  • Can my partner support my weight?
  • How is his penis going to fit?
  • How is her vagina going to feel?
  • How can I move to look sexy?
  • Where should I put my hands?
  • When should we change positions?
  • Can he do that?
  • Will she do that?
  • Is this possible for us to do?

Once you have answered those questions, then you can go ahead and try it out with your partner, if all is okay.

Other Things You Should Consider Before Trying Out Challenging Positions

  • Are you strong enough to hold your partner?
  • Are you flexible enough to bend that way?
  • Do you have the endurance to hold that position for a specific length of time?
  • Can you balance in that position without tumbling over?
  • Are you coordinated enough to perform that position?
  • Will your anatomy fit together well enough in that position?
  • What are your or your partner’s limitations?
  • Do you trust your partner enough to try it out?
  • Do you have a sense of humor so that you can laugh if you fail?

Try Out These Unusual Outercourse Positions

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Want to try out sexual positions without penetration?  Try “outercourse!”

What is Outercourse?  It includes sexual positions that do not include sexual penetration.

These include:

  • Femoral Sex—rubbing between the thighs
  • Gluteal Sex—rubbing between the butt cheeks
  • Manual Sex—rubbing in the palm of the hand
  • Popliteal Sex—rubbing behind the semi-bent knee
  • Spinal Sex—rubbing between the neck and shoulder
  • Digital Sex—rubbing between fingers and or toes
  • Naval Sex—rubbing on or in the belly button

Watch this Sneak Peek Video on Our Online Playful Sex Positions Course


Today’s video is all about Sex Positions, a comprehensive course that will teach you everything you need to know about how to accomplish new sexual positions with your partner with ease!  Our course will even show you step-by-step positions with real models and photos for 3-some and 4-some sexual play!

This exclusive Online Playful Sex Positions course includes a video slide show and downloadable PDF, so you can learn at your own pace in your own home!  Also included: Arousing Sex Techniques & Sexual Positions for Female Satisfaction with Dr. Sadie Allison (video), Penthouse Sex Academy, Sexual Positions hosted by Dr. Ava Cadell & Dr. Hernando Chaves (video), Selections from: Idiot’s Guide to the Kama Sutra by Dr. Ava Cadell and the Sexual Positions e-book by r. Ava Cadell (PDFs).

When You Sign Up for Loveology University’s Playful Sex Positions Course You Will Also Learn:

  • Playful Positions
  • Sex positions
  • Positions for Masturbation
  • Oral sex positions
  • Anal sex positions
  • Intercourse positions
  • Analingus positions
  • Male on male positions
  • Female on female positions
  • Menage a trois
  • Foursome positions
  • Positions props
  • Kama Sutra

This video is just a small component of our comprehensive Certified Love Coach program that will teach you everything you need to know about Love, Flirting, Communication, Dating, Female Arousal, Male Arousal, Foreplay, Erotic Massage, Intimacy, Tantric Love, Oral Pleasure, Couples Enrichment, Orgasms, The G-Spot, Fantasies & Role Playing and so much more.

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