What is a Sex Coach?

how to become a sex coach sex coach Feb 25, 2021

What is a Sex Coach?


A Sex Coach is someone trained in various aspects of human sexuality who helps people overcome sexual problems. A sex coach teaches, trains, guides, motivates, collaborates, inspires, monitors, validates, and listens to help their clients achieve their sexual, intimacy and relationship goals.

Who Do Sex Coaches Help?


Sex Coaches help a wide range of individuals. In our society most people grow up with a lack of sex education and sex-positive instruction, and for that reason, most of us could use the services that a Sex Coach provides.

Sex Coaches deal with a variety of diverse clientele, from men, women, transgender, gay, bisexual, lesbian and queer identified, to married, single, or dating, as well as people who are sexually challenged or differently-abled, all from different walks of life regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age or lifestyle.

What Kind of Problems do Sex Coaches Help With?


Many people grow to adulthood without knowing how to have a successful, fulfilling love and sexual relationship.  They don’t know how to pleasure their partner, or even themselves for that matter, or how to communicate successfully about sexual issues when they arise.

Sex Coaches help people overcome various sexual and relationship issues including:

  • Help married couples bring the spark and intimacy back into their relationship.
  • Help couples learn positive, effective communication skills.
  • Help couples overcome a mismatched sex drive.
  • Help women experience more pleasure and orgasms.
  • Teach individuals and couples about pleasure and how to have better sex.
  • Give their clients a sex-positive, safe environment to express themselves sexually without shame, blame or guilt.
  • Teach couples how to experiment with different types of sexual play, fantasies and role-playing.
  • Teach people how to explore power play and BDSM in a safe way.
  • Teach adults about safer sex, STIs, and how to protect themselves during sex.
  • Help couples heal a sexless marriage and cultivate their passions and desires for better intimacy.
  • Teach individuals about their sexual anatomy like the G-spot in women and P-spot in men and how to achieve satisfying and pleasurable orgasms.
  • Teach individuals dating skills as well as how to find their soul mate so they can embark on a long-lasting love relationship.
  • Teach couples about Tantric sex and how to experience a greater intimacy and spiritual connection.
  • Help individuals heal sexual issues so they can experience more sexual self-advocacy.
  • Learn all about sex toys, the different types of sex toys, how to use them and how to introduce them to a partner.
  • How to initiate sex with a partner, foreplay techniques, kissing, erotic talk, erotic massage and more

What Do Sex Coaches Do?

Sex Coaches are like superheros and have a wide range of amazing skills.

Sex coaches share positive and accurate information with respect to relationships, intimacy and sexuality. This helps them to enable their clients to get positive results and enjoy healthy sexual relationships.

Sex coaches listen to their clients to help them determine their goals. They may give their client homework, or as we like to call it “Lovework”, such as exploring their body to find out where their erogenous zones are and how to pleasure themselves.

Sex coaches may give their clients various resources and tools or teach them sexual techniques and exercises. Some sex coaches are body workers or somatic healers who help their clients with a hands-on approach.

Sex coaches often take a holistic approach as they monitor a client’s progress, while providing feedback that allows their client to thrive, prosper and flourish sexually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Sex is our second basic instinct after survival, so natural urges begin between the ears before they arouse between the legs. Therefore, sharing knowledge on sex can lead to sexual satisfaction and fulfillment.

What Kinds of Sex Coaches Are There?


There are lots of different types of sex coaches, each with their own modalities, teaching tools and techniques and ways of supporting their clients.

However, the two main types of sex coaches include talk-based sex coaches and hands-on body-workers.

Talk-based Sex Coaching is similar to Life Coaching, and sex coaches will talk, listen, encourage, teach, motivate, collaborate, validate and guide their clients through verbal instruction and communication, as well as offering visual and written resources, to help them solve a problem and reach a goal. However, there is never any touching or physical contact between the coach and the client and the relationship is kept strictly platonic and professional.

Hands-on Sex Coaches may do all of the above, but they also add a somatic element to their coaching, in which they guide their clients through touch, exercises and hands-on practices. This may include breath-work, touch, genital massage, verbal seduction and role-playing, teaching hands-on sexual skills, as well as teaching how to raise their sexual energy through sexual practices like Tantra.

There are also Intimacy Coaches and Sexual Surrogates who offer sexual therapy for individuals with disabilities.

What is the Difference Between a Sex Coach and a Sex Therapist?


A sex coach is a professional who is certified to help clients identify current issues in their sex life and to create an action plan towards their desired goals. They don’t deal with past issues, but are future-orientated helping the client set goals to transform their present sex life. Unlike sexual therapist they don’t diagnose, pathologize or treat a client’s dysfunctions.

A sex therapist is a professional with a degree in human sexuality as well as psychotherapy, theology, social work, medicine or counseling. They work with clients in a long-term process, looking at their past issues, to help resolve problems, behaviors, past traumas, self-destructive habits through analysis. They are bound by a code of ethics and require degrees plus clinical experience, and a state license. They often accept medical insurance.

As a sex coach it is important to refer clients to a sex therapist when necessary, when they need professional medical help or therapy.  This could be for a variety of reasons including impotence, sexual aversion, female sexual arousal disorder, male erectile disorder, orgasmic disorder and premature ejaculation. Other medical conditions should be referred including dyspareunia, vaginismus, substance induced sexual dysfunction, confusion about sexual orientation or gender, any other mental or physical illness, including mental, physical, emotional or mental abuse or trauma, as well as depression, bipolar disorder and other mental disorders.

Why Hire a Sex Coach?


People seek out and hire a sex couch for a variety of different personal reasons. For couples, they may want help getting that spark back in their relationship, or a way to fix their mismatched libidos. They may want to learn to become better lovers and learn new sex skills. They may want to find more ways to include sex in their relationship, have more sex, explore sexual boundaries, try new things and become more sexually adventurous. They also may need help resolving conflicts, or sexual issues like low sexual desire that prevent them from having a satisfying love and sex life with their partner.

For individuals, they may seek out help to overcome a lack of confidence, low libido, lack of desire, or help them learn how to express their sexuality in a sex-positive way.

Do I Need a Sex Coach?


If you are experiencing problems with your sex life, intimacy issues, or relationship problems, or struggling with sexual dissatisfaction, then hiring a sex coach may be very beneficial for you.

The thing is, if you think you need a sex coach, then it probably wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. A sex coach can help you pinpoint where in your sex life you are unhappy. Most people need help with their sex lives from time to time, so there is not need to feel like your relations (or you) are broken, 

What are the Benefits of Seeing a Sex Coach?


There are numerous benefits you can get by seeing  a sex coach professionally to help you with your sexual issues. At Loveology University, we believe that Love & Sex Coaching can help resolve many relationship problems, make people happier and thus make the world a better place.

  • Sex Coaches help people maximize their sexual skills and couples create greater intimacy.
  • Sex Coaches help single people move their relationship from dating to sexual intimacy, to long lasting love affairs and marriage.
  • Sex Coaches help couples explore their sexual boundaries and experience more creative romance and sexual adventures.
  • Sex Coaches help people heal shame and guilt, learn self love and body acceptance, as well as gain greater self-confidence, and become sexually empowered.
  • Sex Coaches teach individuals how to become more orgasmic and how to pleasure themselves.
  • Sex Coaches help individuals enjoy a happier, more satisfying, joyful, fulfilling sex and love life.

How do I become a Sex Coach?


First, you may want to explore what sex coaches actually do, job-shadow with someone if possible, or ask other sex coaches questions about their career.

Next, it is important to get educated and certified by a qualified school in order to have good credentials, as well as get the necessary skills and training you will need to become a successful sex coach.

Founded in 2007, Loveology University (LU) is an online love coach training school that has trained and certified thousands of aspiring coaches worldwide, with our cutting-edge love and relationship coaching programs. LU offers three programs including the bestselling Certified Love Coach Program, where you can graduate in 6 months or less for 1000s of dollars less than most alternative programs.

Loveology University is approved by the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and offers credits to the LU graduates towards their Doctorate Programs in Human Sexuality. Graduates are also eligible to get international accreditation by becoming members of The American College of Sexologists.

The Love Coach Certificate, Master Sexpert Certificate and Relationship Coach Certificate also meet the requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and the credits may be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification.

You can read more about “How to Become a Sex Coach” <-- Click the Link!

What Kind of Qualifications Does a Sex Coach Need?


Sex coaches don’t need any type of qualifications or credentials. However, sex coaches should provide services and represent themselves as competent only within the boundaries of their education, training, license, certification, consultation received, supervised experience and other relevant professional experience.  Therefore, getting training from a qualified school and certification is to your advantage if you want to become a successful sex coach. Ultimately, your clients will ask where you got your training from and the “School of Hard Knocks” might not live up to their expectations or give them confidence in you.

What Kind of Skills Does a Sex Coach Need?


There are many skills that are both necessary and helpful in order to become a successful sex coach. Many of these are natural personality traits you may already have, or could be skills that you can acquire or learn.

Some of these including active listening skills, asking powerful questions, brainstorming, problem solving, empathy, learning how to build a rapport, using different styles of communication to find out what works best with each client, how to praise, cheer your client on and motivate them towards fulfilling their goals. Knowing how to track progress, keep your client motivated, support and empower them for positive growth and transformation are also essential skills.

Loveology University offers the Certified Master Sexpert Program online training program to teach students how to become Certified Master Sexperts. The Master Sexpert training combines relationship coaching with sex education so you can teach other adults about human sexuality and how to empower their intimate lives.

Experience one of the most advanced on-line Programs in human sexuality and pleasure. Courses include Oral Pleasure, Back Door Pleasure, Erotic Talk, Playful Positions, G-Spot, and The Big ‘O’ which teaches all about giving and receiving the ultimate orgasms.

The Coaching the Master Sexpert course prepares Master Sexperts for their private practice with practical techniques and exercises to use with clients. Students will learn about the Passion Wheel, the Love List, the Pattern Tree, the Satisfaction Scale and many other methods developed by Dr. Ava Cadell for this program. Also examined are the ethical responsibilities of a sexpert, their client’s responsibilities, and how to coach men, women, singles and couples for maximum results. In addition, students also learn life coaching skills and techniques to help them successfully resolve their clients issues.

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“Every human being has the right to a healthy and satisfying sexual life.”



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