What is a Love Coach versus a Counselor?

counselor love coach relationship coach Jan 15, 2021
What is a Love Coach versus a Counselor?

What is a Love Coach?

What is a Love Coach?  A Love Coach is a professional you can hire to help assist you with your personal development, in the area of achieving specific goals in love, dating, relationships, romance, intimacy and sexuality.

The History of Life Coaching

Love Coaching is the EVOLUTION of Life Coaching that helps you to EVOLVE the role that LOVE plays in your LIFE.

Life Coaching was first pioneered as a profession by Thomas Leonard, an American financial planner, who recognized that his clients needed help with managing their lives and achieving their goals.

Love Coaching Versus Life Coaching

What you may not know is that there is a direct correlation to success in business and success in love and the healthiest relationships at home are the most productive at work. Life Coaches are qualified to assist you to reach your business and productivity goals, but not your intimate relationship goals.

There are strong parallels between Life Coaching and Love Coaching, both offer powerful coaching strategies, but the expertise of a Love Coach can help you to find love, become a better lover and enrich your love life by expanding your romantic and sexual horizons.

What Does a Love Coach Do?

A Love Coach offers guidance, encouragement and support to empower their clients to live and love at their fullest potential.

A love coach is someone who aims to help others overcome relationship challenges with love, marriage, dating, intimacy and sexuality issues, so they can empower them to exceed their goals, and become happy and fulfilled.

A Love Coach is:

• A motivator who inspires others to reach their full potential and fulfill their goals.
• A strategist who helps others uncover their problems and identify goals so they can focus on making positive changes in their lives.
• An accountability partner who helps others stay on track so they can reach their goals and help them go through transitions and transformation.
• A cheerleader who assists people so they can evolve to reach their full potential.

If that sounds like something you would enjoy doing, then read on!

What are the Various Love Coaching Niches?

Completion of the Certified Loveologist® and Love Coach Program allows you to practice individual Love Coaching in various niches including:

• Individual Love Coaching for men, women, singles and couples who need help in their personal love relationships.
• As a Dating Coach to help singles find potential partners, or, become a consultant for dating or matchmaking services.
• As an Intimacy or Relationship coach to help singles and couples improve their love lives.
• As a Sex Coach or Sexpert to help clients with issues of sexuality and teach them how to spice up their sex lives.
• A Love and Relationship Coach who gives group workshops and conferences using any of the presentations from LU courses.
• A professional Love Expert and freelance writer who writes articles, blogs, books, audios and videos to sell online.
• A Romance expert who counsels couples on how to get romance back into their relationship.
• A pleasure party consultant or sex toy expert who works with adult stores, manufacturers and distributors of adult products selling sex toys and/or giving demos and/or educating sales staff.
• A Tantra expert, Sexological Bodyworker, Sex Worker or other type of sexpert who helps individuals, groups or couples become more sexually empowered and heal sexuality issues.

As a Love Coach, you can share your knowledge from Loveology University’s expansive curriculum. You’ll be qualified to customize individual client’s needs, listen and observe, offer guidance, and help them to make plans, encourage and applaud their efforts, but also hold them accountable for their actions.

Currently, there are thousands Life Coaches worldwide. Just imagine how millions of Love Coaches all helping people could change the vibration of this planet!

Love Coaching vs. Counseling (Therapy)

Love Coaching is an evolution of Life Coaching and has absolutely nothing to do with Mental Health Therapy. In fact, it is imperative that Love Coaches refer serious cases to appropriate resources, be it Gynecologists, Urologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Counselors, Sexologists, and Social workers.

The Certification for a Loveologist is not to be confused with the qualifications of a Licensed Therapist, Marriage Counselor or Clinical Sexologist. Counselors and Therapists are trained to examine the patient’s life history, from childhood until the present, and could take years to treat. Their schooling consists of many years of University and specialty training involved in particular fields of study.

A typical Counselor or Therapist may spend 4 to 5 years earning a Bachelor’s degree, and then spend another 2 or 3 years acquiring a Master’s degree in a specified interest of focus. Once completed, they continue to train and must do 3000 intern hours in order to open up their own private practice where they can diagnose and treat psychological illnesses. The money spent may cost anywhere from $10,000 – $100,000 and there is no guarantee that they’ll make back the money they invested.

A Certified Loveologist and Love Coach will train anywhere from one month to one year to receive their certification, designed to teach students based solely from Loveology University’s curriculum of eBooks, videos, audios, slide shows and related materials. As a Loveologist, you are not able to diagnose or treat any sort of illness or disease, but you can help guide clients to enrich their relationships in person, on the phone, over the internet or in workshops and seminars. Once certified, continuing education training and seminars are very similar, if not directly, the same as for a Marriage Family Therapist or Social Worker would receive.

You don’t need to have experience as a therapist or counselor to become a Love Coach, but you do need to be willing to learn, listen and expand your own horizon because it takes devotion and a commitment to help and empower others. The Loveology coaching course is self-paced, so you can take your final exam as soon as you feel that you are ready.

If you have the desire to empower yourself, enrich your relationship or become a Love Coach, then Loveology University will give you the knowledge and the tools to make your dream a reality.

Take a look at our Certified Love Coach program NOW to get started in one of the top professions in the world, by becoming a Certified Love Coach!