Sexpert Panel on Disabilities & Intimacy

disabilities intimacy sexpert panels Aug 26, 2021
Sexpert Panel on Disabilities & Intimacy

Sex and Disabilities still tends to be a taboo area, so I hope you watch this superstar panel of sexperts as they share their personal stories about how they became disabled and how they deal with dating, experience intimacy and sexual pleasure. 
You will meet Kelly Gordon, a spokesperson for our sponsor, Hot Octopuss, a pioneer in creating pleasure products for people with disabilities and physical limitations. 
I believe we will also experience some kind of disability in the bedroom at some point in our lives, so the information this panel shares about how to enhance your sexul experience with a partner, applies to everyone!


Meet our Moderator and Panelists

Dr. Ava Cadell, Clinical Sexologist, Author & Founder of LoveUniv.com

*All attendees will receive a Loveology University's Disabilities & Intimacy Course*

Dr. Ava Cadell is a Clinical Sexologist, author of 11 books and AASECT Certified Sex Counselor with Doctorates in Human Behavior and Human Sexuality. As the Founder of Loveology University® Higher Learning and Loving in 2007, Dr. Ava has taken on the role of mentor to share her vast knowledge on love, romance, relationships, intimacy and human sexuality with motivated students who train to become Certified Love Coaches, Master Sexperts and Relationship Coaches. Dr. Ava is exceptionally proud of her multi-media course on Intimacy & Disabilities as she filmed a documentary with Carlana Stone and another with Asta Philpot to share their erotic empowerment for people with disabilities, as part of the LU curriculum. LoveUniv.com is accredited by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) as well as the American College of Sexologists International (ACS). As a global speaker, Dr. Ava has traveled across the U.S., Europe, India, Asia, Australia, and Africa, promoting the benefits of healthy love and sex through sexual empowerment. For more information, go to https://www.avacadell.com/

Tamara Bell, ACS Certified Sex Educator & Certified  Loveologist & Love Coach

Tamara is an ACS Certified Sexologist &  Certified Loveologist and Love Coach.  She is a 2008 graduate of Loveology University®. She is the Ambassador of Students and mentor to Loveology students to help them prepare for their final exam. After student graduation, she helps them to define their coaching specialties, set up their personal branding and incorporate Love Coaching within their business.  She also co-facilitates a zoom podcast with Viloshni Moodley from South Africa, discussing issues regarding Love, Sex and Relationships from around the world.  

She received her certification as a Death Doula from IAP college in April 2021.  As a widow herself, her goal is to assist wives who have lost their husbands.  She is also here to help families through this difficult time.  Tamara holds a B.S. in Business Management and is currently pursuing a degree in Family Studies. She was recently inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  

She is the founder of the Home Pleasure Party Plan Association. She assists party plan business owners in developing and expanding their business.  Tamara excels in management, networking, and supplies consulting to those looking to start or expand a Pleasure Party industry career. She is a NAASAS council member and Free Speech Coalition member. For more information, go to https://ladycoaching.com



Carlana Stone, Author


Carlana Stone is a published author, international speaker, and the founder of a non-profit organization. She's also an Emmy-nominated, award-winning television producer with over two decades experience collaborating with some of the top creative entertainment & technology pipelines in the world. Stone began her career as the first wheelchair-wielding tv news reporter for ABC in Miami. She pushed her way into Hollywood producing shows such as A&E’s Intervention Judge Judy, and the Biggest Loser.​ Her style is characterized by her wholehearted grit and straightforward approach, infused with a signature dose of ‘Sugah’ and Louisiana spice. 

​​​Breaking stereotypes and challenging stigmas are a way of life for Stone, who has achieved a multitude of accomplishments that defy her physical limitations. ​ She also made cross-country road trips on her custom-built Harley​ and became a certified scuba diver in Grand Cayman and she became one of the worlds first paraplegics to fly an airplane solo, plus she has jumped out one!



Dr. Mitchell Tepper, Author, PhD Human Sexuality


Dr. Mitchell Tepper, author of Regain that Feeling: Secrets to Sexual Self-Discovery, brings a lifetime of first-hand experience with chronic conditions and disability to his work as a Sexuality Researcher, Educator, Coach and self-proclaimed Prophet of Pleasure. He has a PhD in Human Sexuality Education from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s in Public Health from Yale. Dr. Tepper worked on ground-breaking research on orgasm in women with spinal cord injuries with world-renowned orgasm researchers Drs. Beverly Whipple and Barry Komisaruk. Over the last 14 years, Dr. Tepper has turned his attention to helping wounded veterans and their partners navigate intimate relationships. His forthcoming documentary, Love After War: Saving Love, Saving Lives, tells the stories of intimate partners who have won the battle for love. Dr. Tepper is also Co-Chair of this year’s Love Abilities Virtual Sexuality and Disability Festival to be held October 20 to 22, 2021. For more information, go to Drmitchelltepper.com

Dr. Tepper and Lorraine Stanley are Co-chairs for the 2nd Annual Love Abilities Virtual Sexuality and Disability Festival, October 20-22 & you can sign up for notices at http://loveabilities.org


Dr. Kevin Mintz, Human Sexuality

Dr. Kevin Minttz has an AB from Harvard College and an MS in Political Theory from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He also earned a Doctor of Human Sexuality from The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. He grew up in Miami and resides on campus in Munger Graduate Housing. Kevin spends his free time volunteering as a sex educator with San Francisco Sex Information, a non-profit organization in the city.

“I am Ph.D candidate in Political Science with Cerebral Palsy. I use a wheelchair and have always been known to study topics that very few others would study, but my dissertation project here at Stanford is by far the most unique project I have ever undertaken. Instead of being viewed as less capable because of my disabilities and unique research interests, I am viewed as a scholar with new ideas that are just as worthy of intellectual scrutiny as those of other graduate students.” Dr. Kevin Mintz.

For more information, go to https://kevintoddmintz.com/


Asta Philpot


Asta Philpot is a world-famous disability rights campaigner, actor, singer, speaker, presenter and writer pioneering and starring in documentaries and movies across the world, Asta continues to change perceptions surrounding disability. He is also a Certified Love Coach through Loveology University.

Asta’s inspiring story led to two movies, Hasta la Vista, a critically acclaimed Belgian comedy road trip that follows three guys with disabilities on their quest to lose their virginity. Hasta la Vista has won 30 awards to date across the world. Following on from the success of Hasta la Vista, Asta’s story got made into a USA remake. Starring an all-star cast and is already winning awards at film festivals across the world.  Both movies are based on Asta’s incredible true story, and you can watch it as it’s released on Demand this year. For more information, go to https://www.astaphilpot.com/


Kelly Gordon


Kelly Perks-Bevington is a 32-year-old entrepreneur and consultant based in the West Midlands, UK! She has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3 which is a genetic disability meaning for her, that she uses an electric wheelchair to get around. Kelly’s condition is progressive and has meant that she has faced losing her ability throughout her life especially when her body faced big changes and challenges such as pregnancy. Kelly has two young sons, which is quite trying for any parent but absolutely loves parenting with her disability with help from her supportive partner Josh and her awesome team of PA’s! From a young age Kelly was outspoken and never let anyone dictate what her disability meant or allowed her to do this has seen her go through mainstream schools, get into a lot of trouble at college and ultimately push herself through many exciting and predominately male dominated industries. Kelly now works as a consultant which allows her to dedicate her time to projects that truly excite her and allows her also to manage her time to ensure she has sufficient time with her young sons. Kellys current projects span from recruitment to working for forward thinking sex toy brand Hot Octopuss.   Kelly also works as a presenter and is the current host of Hot Octopuss’s brand podcast Pleasure Rebels, as well as this Kelly has also worked on projects for the BBC, Channel 4 and Virgin Media. Kelly also regularly appears in mainstream media throughout the UK discussing issues that disabled people face and advocating for other disabled people. Kelly has also co-founded the business "With Not For” with Emma Gardner. Kelly and Emma are working together on this project to not only get disabled people into work but to push disabled people into high paid and high-power roles, ultimately getting them to boardroom level by embracing talent, confidence and reeducating big employers about the benefits of adding people with disabilities to their teams! For more information, go to www.hotoctopuss.com


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