Relationship Coaching Niches

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Relationship Coaching Niches

What are the various Relationship Coaching niches?

There are many Relationship Coaching niches you can choose from to specialize in.

One of the biggest mistakes that new Relationship Coaches make, is that they try to be all things to everyone.

This means that they can’t target their “perfect” client because they are trying to target everyone.  And, from a marketing perspective, that means more competition, clients who won’t be able to identify with you, and in the long run, ending up serving clients who you don’t resonate with either.

What type of Relationship Coach do you want to be?

As individuals, we all have our own strengths, skills, experiences, likes and dislikes.  Are you married or single or divorced?  Male or female identified?  Heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bi, trans or queer?  What age group do you identify with?  Do you consider yourself vanilla or kinky?

You could serve a cultural, religious, or specific race demographic, or work people with certain desires, or abilities, such as physical challenges.

What life skills, experiences and nuances do you bring to your brand of Relationship Coach?  What makes you special, so your ideal client can find you?  What Relationship Coaching niche do you fit into best?

When you figure this out, you will be able to position yourself as an expert at what you do, so you can attract your own “tribe” and appeal to your ideal client to serve them better.

The Various Relationship Coaching Niches?

There are many Relationship Coaching niches that you could choose from.  Here are some generic ones to begin with.

Dating Coach

A Dating Coach could work as a Match Maker hooking single women and men up on dates to find their perfect soul mate.  They could act as a “Wing Man” helping men feel more confident in dating by teaching them specific skills, doing various role modeling to help them find women for casual hook-ups or life long partners.  They could be an empowerment coach who helps women build up their self-esteem or learn online dating skills to make them attractive to more potential dating partners.  They could specialize in LGBTQ dating, helping single gay, lesbian, bi, or trans clients find romantic partners.  A Dating Coach could work with divorced men and women, or clients over 50 who want to get back into dating but don’t know how.

Relationship Coach

Relationship Coach is a coach who would work with individuals or couples to help them achieve better relationships.  They could be a Couple’s Coach and work with couples together, or work with women or men in romantic relationships individually to help them find positive solutions to obstacles they may have.  They could work with couples who are just dating to help them transition to a long term relationship and set future goals.  They could work with partners who have been together a long time, but need help spicing up the romance in their lives.  They could teach communication and conflict resolution skills, or ways to create more intimacy.  They could help married couples with children reduce stress and find more time for romantic getaways, or date nights.

Sex Coach

Sex Coach can work one-on-one with individuals or couples, or even groups, to help empower their clients sexually, teach them sexual skills, and give them permission to make pleasure a part of their lives.  They may teach specific skills like BDSM or KINK, or may specialize in finding the G-spot, or energy orgasms.  They may teach basic Sex Ed to college students or young adults, or give resources to women over 50 on how to reignite their libido or give advice to men who deal with male stamina challenges.  A Sex Coach helps people remove inhibitions that hold them back from having a sexually fulfilling life.

Love Coach

Love Coach could encompass all of the above or specialize in a certain area.  They could teach individuals on topics such as self-love or how to claim  sexual pleasure.  They could teach couples how to love more deeply, unconditionally, and how to put LOVE first in their lives. A Love Coach can help their clients figure out what type of partner is best for them and how to break negative patterns and create new positive goals.

Tantra Coach

A Tantric Intimacy Coach helps their clients find deeper intimacy, sexual healing and integrates that into their relationships.  Tantra is Sanskrit, an ancient Hindu practice over 5000 years old that means “woven together.”  It is a metaphor for the joining, weaving and expanding of feminine and masculine energies during sexual union, the spiritual together with the physical, the human bonding with the divine. Tantra involves many lovemaking techniques which promote greater intimacy and spiritual union with the divine during sacred sex.  A Tantra expert, Sexological Bodyworker, Sex Worker or other type of sexpert is a professional who helps individuals, groups or couples become more sexually empowered and awakened.

Intimacy Coach

An Intimacy Coach is someone who would work with individuals or couples on how to erotically and sensually awaken the sensations of the body.  This could be via erotic body mapping, sensate focus, and by educating their clients about sexual anatomy and pleasure.  It could also be working with women to remove body armoring and past trauma that could be built up in the cervix or G-spot, so they can feel pleasure more fully.  They may also help couples find positive solutions to intimacy blocks they have either individually, or together.  They may teach couples communication skills, how to work with boundaries, and couple’s enrichment.  Often, they will work with their clients on a holistic level: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  An Intimacy Coach may also work on a more “intimate” physical level with their clients like a sexological bodyworker, daka/dakini, sacred intimate, or sexual surrogate partner, which is a hands on approach and may involve sexual healing practices.

Romance Expert

A Romance Expert would work with couples who have been together for a while and may have lost that spark that they once had when the relationship was young.  This type of coach would help couples rekindle that lost desire, lust and passion for each other, give them love, intimacy, and fun dating ideas and other strategies so they can make romance a priority in their lives.

Sex Toy Sexpert

A sex toy expert is an individual who works with adult stores, manufacturers and distributors of adult products selling sex toys, giving demos and educating sales staff.  They could also work as a Pleasure Party Consultant and facilitate home parties where they would demonstrate and sell sex toys to their clients in a party-like atmosphere, like Pure Romance consultants.  They may also offer sex education workshops, talks and seminars for groups.

All of the above Relationship Coach niches help others overcome relationship challenges with love, marriage, dating, intimacy and sexuality issues, so they can empower them to exceed their goals, and become happy and fulfilled.

As a love and relationship coach you can be a writer, work with clients one-on-one or in group settings, create education programs and classes online or in person, do product endorsements, become an author, speaker, media sexpert, have high end coaching packages and retreats, and so much more!

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