Love Coaching: What is it and Is It Right For Me?

become a love coach love coaching Feb 23, 2021

Welcome to LU’s Article on Love Coaching

“Love Coaching is the Evolution of Life Coaching.”—Dr. Ava Cadell

What is Love Coaching? A Definition

LOVE COACHING (noun): Love Coaching is a profession that addresses personal relationship obstacles and challenges to identify a client’s goals and develop an attainable plan of action to improve their love life and intimate relationships.

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a professional who works with individuals to help them identify and overcome challenges in their personal and professional lives. They empower clients to create goals as well as an action plan to achieve those goals, so they can “maximize [their] full potential and reach [their] desired results.”[i]

What is a Love Coach?

Similarly, a Love Coach is a trained professional who assists individuals and couples so they can overcome relationship challenges with love, dating, marriage, romance, intimacy and sexuality.

What Does Love Coaching Encompass?

Love Coaching encompasses a wide range of tools, skills and techniques to help singles and couples reach their relationship goals.

A Love Coach offers support, guidance, encouragement, strategies, accountability, and motivation to empower their clients to obtain their love and relationship goals.

Love coaches ask powerful questions to help clients evaluate their lives and relationships so they can take control of them and become self-sovereign, thus empowering them to take responsibility for their own love life.

How Can Love Coaching Help?

Love Coaching can help both singles and couples in a wide variety of ways.

For singles, love coaching can help them work on self-esteem, confidence, and learn how to value themselves. They may help them work on issues of self-love and other strategies that can aid them in attracting their soul mates. They may also give them dating tips, or teach them how to identify negative relationship patterns that keep repeating themselves, and how to create healthy boundaries for more positive outcomes.

For couples, love coaching can teach them healthy communication skills and how to resolve relational conflicts so they live a happy and fulfilled love life.

Love coaches teach couples how to be more compatible, to compromise, to create boundaries, to get their needs met, to reawaken the spark between them, to spice up their sex lives, to become better lovers and how to create romantic experiences together.

Love coaches brainstorm with their clients so they can find the most productive solutions to help them obtain their desires, to get them “unstuck” and move forward past relationship barriers.

Is Love Coaching Right For You?

Most of us need some kind of support from time to time in our lives. Many of have not learned healthy relationship skills as children or young adults, so as adults we tend to replay similar relationship conflicts that we may have learned from our parents. We don’t learn in school how to become better lovers, or how to get our needs met sexually. Usually we don’t have good role models that teach us healthy love and sexual relationship skills.

That’s where a Love Coach can help.

But only you can know for sure if a Love Coach is for you.

Resources For Individuals and Couples


Loveology University has many individual courses on love, sex, relationships, tantric love, self pleasure, safe sex, how to please a man, how to please a woman, BDSM, kissing, intimacy, foreplay, flirting, fantasies, erotic massage, dating, couple’s enrichment, communication and more, whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, or transgender.

These programs are for anyone who wants to find and keep love, learn how to be a better communicator and lover, enjoy unique dates and create romantic and lasting memories in and out of the bedroom.

Check out all of our individual love and relationship courses.

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