Love Coach Tips – Ask Dr. Ava!

become a love coach dr. ava cadell love coaching tips Jan 18, 2021
Love Coach Tips – Ask Dr. Ava!

Twenty Tips on How to Become an Amazing Love Coach

As a world renowned Sexologist and Love Coach (voted Sex Coach of the Year 2015 by the Sexual Health Expo), and founder of Loveology University, Dr. Ava Cadell has been mentoring Love Coaching students for many years and has many Love Coach tips!

Here are her top 20 Love Coach tips on how to become a Love Coach!

Twenty Tips on How to Become an Amazing Love Coach:

  1. Let clients know your credentials up front, including specialties.
  2. Let them know you offer Love Coaching: an interactive role as a coach, not a medical or therapeutic adviser.
  3. Find out what your client specifically needs coaching for, by asking key questions.
  4. Be truthful and let clients know if they are realistic and if you can help them, rather than disappointing them.
  5. Discuss fees and forms of payment up front.
  6. Discuss length of time for suggested coaching sessions up front.
  7. Have clients fill out and sign a Love Coaching Agreement and Disclaimer before you begin working with them.
  8. In the first session, fill out the client’s questionnaire form to find out why they are seeking Love Coaching with you.
  9. Guide clients to focus on future success rather than past failures.
  10. Assist clients to monitor their successes and celebrate their accomplishments.
  11. Act as a sounding board and just listen.
  12. Teach tools and techniques that clients can use to achieve their personal goals.
  13. Keep your boundaries professional and respectful at all times.
  14. Explore new goal-reaching options and give clients homework (lovework) assignments to help them achieve their chosen goals.
  15. Prepare written developmental plan of action steps, timelines and methods to assess their progress.
  16. Supply extra resources such as books, articles and referrals on relevant issues.
  17. Continually monitor client progress and provide feedback allowing client to flourish.
  18. Suggest clients seek other forms of counseling or therapy if needed.
  19. Let clients know Love Coaching can be used concurrently with (not in place of) other professional analysis.
  20. Always end each session on a high note by thanking them and encouraging them that their goals are attainable.

–From: “Coaching the Love Coach” course, which is a part of LoveUniv.com’s Love Coach Certificate program.

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