Healing From Loss & Abuse: Loving Solutions to Live Your Life to the Fullest for Victims of Grief, Trauma, Assault & Sexual Harassment

healing sexual healing Feb 12, 2021
Healing From Loss & Abuse: Loving Solutions to Live Your Life to the Fullest for Victims of Grief, Trauma, Assault & Sexual Harassment

In her new book: Healing From Loss & Abuse: Loving Solutions to Live Your Life to the Fullest for Victims of Grief, Trauma, Assault & Sexual Harassment, Dr. Ava Cadell, details her own survival from sexual abuse, rape, and sexual trafficking, as well as her work with clients and offers powerful exercises and tools for survivors.


This book is absolutely comprehensive and has detailed information on several types of abuse, loss and trauma set into separate chapters including:

  • Healing from Loss
  • Healing from Pain
  • Healing from Disease or Disability
  • Healing from Accidents
  • Healing from Sexual Dysfunction
  • Healing from Toxic Relationships
  • Healing from Addictions
  • Healing from Sexual Abuse

Each chapter talks about the type of trauma in detail and offers various solutions for dealing with these issues including healing exercises, talk therapy, journaling, mediation, breathing exercises, tantra, chakra meditations, sound therapy and much, much more.

Here is a break down of the chapters and what is included.

Healing From Grief

In this chapter Dr. Ava describes her experience after loosing her soul mate and ways to deal with grief and loss.

Some of the exercises that Dr. Ava recommends includes: Breathing exercises, meditation, journaling exercises, ways to cope with grief, as well as ways to support others who are grieving and more.

Healing From Pain

Dr. Ava has also suffered from chronic pain and goes into detail on how to deal with pain, including sex and intimacy for pain relief.

“Everyone experiences pain, and each individual deals with managing it in their own way. Pain is an obstacle to intimacy because it can feel isolating, but ironically sometimes intimacy and sex can help to heal pain by creating positive feelings that translate into the mind-body connection. Looking at pain from a different prospective is one of life’s challenges that can make you stronger.”

Some of the solutions that Dr. Ava offers includes: water therapy, humor therapy, animal therapy, hug therapy, yoga and other movement exercises, as well as intimate and loving touch, and sex.

Sex for Pain Relief: The body’s pain-killing center in the midbrain is activated during sex and peak arousal, which releases endorphins, oxytocin and corticosteroids. These numb the raw nerve endings responsible for pain.

Healing from Disease or Disability

In this section of the book, Dr. Ava exposes the myths surrounding sexuality and people with disabilities, and describes 7 keys on how to have intimacy after a serious illness or surgery.  She also provides specific strategies for recreating intimacy after sex and heart disease, sex and a stroke, sex and cancer (including prostate cancer), after hysterectomies, diabetes, impotence, multiple sclerosis, HIV and AIDS.

Healing from Accidents

In this chapter, Dr. Ava includes spinal cord injuries and how sex is still possible, pleasurable and fulfilling. She also includes advice for those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Healing from Sexual Disfunction

This part of the book deals with sexual disfunctions, a widespread topic that many men and women suffer from. It includes a variety of symptoms which can be healed including painful intercourse, delayed and premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. Here, she offers many techniques including Tantra as well as exercises to aid with ED.

Healing from Toxic Relationships

Everyone has had to deal with some sort of toxic relationship in their life. In this chapter, Dr. Ava describes different types of abuse and toxic relationships including dealing with narcissists and psychopaths, as well as how to know you are in this type of relationship and what you can do to protect yourself. She also gives advice on how to heal from divorce, a very common experience for many people these days.

Healing from Addictions

Many people suffer from addictions, including alcohol and drug abuse which are common problems, especially when people are trying to self-medicate due to trauma, abuse, tragedy or illness. In this section Dr. Ava provides many solutions and exercises for healing and recovery.

Healing from Past Sexual Abuse

This chapter is very close to Dr. Ava’s heart, as she details her own personal survival and recovery from rape and sex trafficking as a child. Inspired by the #MeToo movement, this section helps survivors deal with their trauma and release their pain through strategies and exercises, including a valuable exercise on how to confront someone who is sexually harassing you.

The book concludes with pages and links to resources and references for further information, a valuable resource in its own right.

And, the best thing about this ebook is that you can get it for free by going to: HealingSolutions4U.com.

This book is outstanding, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered loss, grief, or any type of trauma, or if you know someone who has (which is everyone), as a practical guide to healing and recovery. This compassionate and comprehensive guide, is chalk full of 218 pages of useful healing and self-love strategies, revealing how trauma can open our hearts to connection, love and living a happy life again.

While this book is a must-have for survivors of trauma, it should also be required reading for grief counselors, therapists, social workers, sex educators, medical professionals and support groups.

A true gift!


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