The Power of Relationship Coaching

May 26, 2017

The Power of Relationship Coaching

Techniques for Inspiring Singles and Couples to Live Fulfilling Lives Through Relationship Coaching

By Dr. Ava Cadell

My mission is to train Relationship Coaches worldwide to empower adults with positive, accurate information so that everyone can make love a priority in their lives and experience healthy intimate relationships.

I believe the meaning of life is learning how to give and receive love, and Love Coaching is the key to making the world a more loving place, so here are some of my unique techniques that I teach in my Certified Relationship Coach program through my online university at

For a Relationship Coach to build rapport with their clients, they must first familiarize themselves with Left and Right Brain communications. For example, if the client is predominantly right brained, they will talk about their feelings or awareness of issues and want to focus on holistic approaches to resolving their problems like,...

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