A Letter From Dr. Ava

Dear Friend,


I invite you to explore your inner healer so that you can help heal the world we live in. The notion of healing the world is a reminder to help each other and reflect on what truly matters in our lives.

The powers of love, peace and happiness are infallible, even during these uncertain times, we can still do as much as we can from a distance, to empower each other by spreading positivity. 

Everyone has suffered from pain that needs healing, whether it’s mental, physical, emotional, or sexual, so you are not alone. Whether you have lost a loved one, endure chronic pain and suffering or have been the victim of abuse, you have the power to overcome your own painful experiences so that you can give yourself unconditional love and experience intimate relationships.

That’s why I am giving away Part One of my course on Healing, which includes: Healing from Pain, Healing from Disease or Disability, Healing from Loss, Healing from Accidents, Healing from Sexual Disabilities and Healing from Toxic Relationships. 

The Healing course has a personal connection for me, as I've spent my life learning to heal myself from abuse and pain so that I can help others. I have also lost my soulmate to cancer, but each of these life events drives me to find ways to repair and restore my faith in finding love, peace and happiness.

My goal is to help you to love and feel physical and emotional pleasure we all deserve to improve the quality of our lives.

That’s the intention of my narrated course on HEALING. Over 7 hours long, with powerful meditations and hypnosis designed to help you to manifest your desires, replace negative thoughts and habits, balance all aspects of your life, boost your confidence, embrace aging, re-parent yourself and more. 

The Healing course lays the groundwork for understanding the healing process from loss, toxic relationships, sexual dysfunction, trauma, disease, accidents, addiction, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Who this course is for:

♥ Holistic healing training course for coaches

♥ Victims of grief, abuse, pain & sexual dysfunctions

♥ People who want to stop self-sabotaging behavior & cultivate healthy habits

♥ Seekers of mind-body connections & powerful meditations

♥ If you want more confidence, get tools to transform your life


The complete version of the Healing course is available at Loveology University, and is included in the Certified Love Coach Program.

We want to help make the world a more loving place with courses that educate and empower you, so we hope we can inspire you to start an online course to become a Relationship Coach, Master Sexpert or Certified Love Coach.

As we recognize many people are stuck at home, have lost their job, have become sick or have been caretakers for their family & friends, my team has dropped the prices of all the programs at Loveology University.

The only path moving forward is to adjust our mindset and all work together to create more justice, compassion and humility. Healing is the word that inspires me with hope, so I hope you will take the course to heal yourself and help heal others to make this world a more loving place!


Live to Love & Love to Live,

Dr. Ava Cadell

Founder of Loveology University