SexEd Basics - Bundled Course

Educate yourself and others with the basics of sex education when you choose this bundle of individual courses that i...

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Romance - Bundled Course

The Romance bundle contains valuable information on finding romance and a soul mate, with strategies to keep relation...

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Passion - Bundled Course

Learn the art of lovemaking with this bundle of courses that teaches you secrets to masterful sex including oral plea...

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LGBT - Bundled Course

This bundle includes comprehensive information about the transgender experience from childhood through to adulthood, ...

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Kinky 101 - Bundled Course

Science shows that couples who practice BDSM tend to be better communicators and their adventures increase intimacy b...

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Foreplay - Bundled Course

Foreplay is an essential ingredient of great sex, as it develops sexual anticipation and initiates the lust and passi...

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Couples Pleasure - Bundle

Couples will benefit from this relationship-enhancing bundle that offers not only strategies to deepen intimacy, but ...

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Adult Play - Bundled Course

If you want more fun and playfulness in your love life, or want to expand your sexual horizons with sex toys, anal pl...

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