SexEd Basics (4-Pack)

CLICK ABOVE FOR SAFER ADULT PLAY COURSE DEMO Educate yourself and others with the basics of sex education when you c...

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How To Meet & Maintain Romance (4-Pack)

CLICK ABOVE TO WATCH DATING COURSE DEMO This Romance bundle contains valuable information on finding romance and a s...

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Advanced Passionate Techniques (4-Pack)

CLICK ABOVE FOR TANTRIC LOVE COURSE DEMO Learn the art of lovemaking with this bundle of courses that teaches you se...

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LGBTQ Love, Intimacy & Wellbeing (4-Pack)

CLICK FOR TRANSGENDER MALE TO FEMALE DEMO This 4-pack course includes comprehensive information about the trans...

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Kinky 101 (4-Pack)

Science shows that couples who practice BDSM tend to be better communicators and their adventures increase intimacy b...

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Erotic Touch & Talk (4-Pack)

CLICK ON FOREPLAY COURSE DEMO ABOVE Foreplay is an essential ingredient of great sex, as it develops sexual anticipa...

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How To Please Your Lover (4-Pack)

CLICK ON COUPLES ENRICHMENT COURSE DEMO ABOVE Couples will benefit from this relationship-enhancing bundle that...

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4 Ways to Expand Your Sexual Horizon (4-Pack)

If you want more excitement to your love life, or want to expand your sexual horizons with sex toys, anal pleasure, e...

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