Flirting Course

Delves on the techniques, skills and approaches on how flirting works in long term relationships.

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Female Anatomy & Arousal Course

Focuses on female sexuality and comprehensive sexual health information.

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Fantasies & Role Playing Course

Learn the key role in unleashing passionate, erotic and playful sexual intercourse.

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Eroticism Course

Examines pornography comprehensively from a historical perspective up to the present day information.

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Erotic Talk Course

Explores the motivations and benefits of erotic talk and practical exercises for great intimate communication.

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Erotic Massage Course

Learn the art of erotic massage and step-by-step techniques to stimulate orgasmic climaxes.

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Dating Course

Studies on how dating works within modern society and practical information in navigating the romantic aspect of life.

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Couples Enrichment Course

A tool that will help couples enrich their relationships with building strong new foundations in their sexual life.

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Communication Course

Mastering the basic elements of human interaction and the key to becoming an effective Love Coach.

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Boundaries & Taboos Course

Identifies the behaviors, the fetishes and the 'outsides' of normal sexuality.

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Back Door Play Course

Thoroughly examines anal pleasure and safer anal play for men and women.

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Adult Toys Course

Covers the world of sex toys, its benefits and the tips to become a sex toy ‘party planner’.

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