Aphrodisiacs Course

Applications and brain effects of aphrodisiacs and how it integrates orgasmic pleasure.

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Women Loving Women Course

Encompasses the history of lesbian culture, societal struggles, and examines the acceptance of sexual orientation.

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Transgender: Male to Female Course

Overview of the experience and the psychological, social and physical transition of a transgender woman.

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Transgender: Female to Male Course

Covers the physical, psychological and social aspects of transition to become one’s true male self.

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The Big 'O' Course

The history, facts and research about the orgasms.

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Tantric Love Course

Covers the ancient sexual techniques in healing hurt relationships and common sexual concerns.

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Self Pleasure Course

Explores the components of masturbation as key to self love and sexual health.  

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Safer Adult Play Course

Identifies the importance of using safer sex practices to enhance protection while maintaining eroticism.

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Polyamory Course

Focused on cultural lifestyles and relevant information about 'multiple partners'.

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Power Play Course

Explores Sado Masochism, Bondage and Discipline for sexual fulfillment.

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Pleasing A Woman Course

Details the desires of most women and in dept dives into methods of achieving it.

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Pleasing A Man Course

A comprehensive look at what men want and need for their sexual, emotional & mental satisfaction.

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