Healing For Victims & Coaches

Healing Course The Healing course lays the groundwork for understanding the healing process from loss, toxic relatio...

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Intimate Communication & Body Language

Communication Course Communication plays a central and vital role in relationships of every kind, and mastering the ...

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Consent & Safer Sexual Health

Consent & Safer Sexual Health Course The Consent & Safer Sexual Health course was developed by Dr. Tamara Gr...

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How To Give & Receive True Love

Love Course This course lays the groundwork for understanding intimate human behavior with essential statistics, his...

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Skills To Become A Successful Flirt

Flirting Course Flirting is a crucial element of romance and human sexuality with its own history, techniques, skill...

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Dating Do's & Don'ts For Men and Women

Dating Course This course studies the ritual of dating throughout history and across global cultures, with a focus o...

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How To Become A Great, Memorable Kisser

Kissing Course This comprehensive course on ‘osculation’ explores the history, benefits, styles, and tec...

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Aphrodisiacs and Love Foods That Increase Desire

Aphrodisiacs Course Aphrodisiacs have a long and storied history that speaks to the central importance of love and s...

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Fun Foreplay Ideas To Impress Your Lover

Foreplay Course This course on foreplay is designed to equip students with detailed information on how to build sexu...

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How To Achieve The Big O & Multiple O's

The Big 'O' Course Orgasms have been defined as everything from a natural stress reliever to a spiritual experience....

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How To Talk Erotically To Drive Your Partner Wild

Erotic Talk Course Communicating erotically is one of the foundational elements of a great sex life. This course exp...

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How To Pleasure Yourself Without Guilt For Men & Women

Self Pleasure Course Masturbation is a key component to self-love and sexual health. This course thoroughly explores...

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