Understanding Polyamory & Open Relationships

Polyamory Course

Polyamory (which means “loving more than one”) is a course focused on cultural lifestyles that include multiple partners. From plural families to open relationships to swinging, it covers jealousy, fears, benefits, challenges, legalities and more. 

This course follows SMART learning objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Phased). By the end of this course, students will understand and be able to:

  1. Identify at least five (5) vocabulary words specific to polyamory.
  2. Differentiate between polyamory and swinging.
  3. Name the six (6) different poly configurations and define their parameters.
  4. Define NRE and identify who coined the term.
  5. Identify at least five (5) elements of a healthy poly relationship.
  6. Distinguish between polyamory and open relationships.
  7. Understand Dr. Leanna Wolfe’s research studies of polyamory and be familiar with at least three (3) findings.
  8. Identify the major authors associated with polyamory and how they define different modes of sexual expression.
  9. Identify at least three (3) polyamorous micro-cultures from around the world.
  10. Explain how the Oneida community of the 19th century was structured and how it engaged in polyamory.
  11. Be familiar with the Kerista commune and how its operations served to define the polyamorous lifestyle.
  12. Learn about ‘Shares’ and what happens during these events.


  1. Video:

POLYAMORY Narrated Multimedia Presentation Video (2hrs 44m)

Ask The Expert – Reid Mihalko on Non-Conventional Sex (20 minutes)

  1. Final Quiz – 25 questions (about 30 minutes)* 

*If you are enrolled in our Certified Love Coach Program, Certified Master Sexpert Program or Certified Relationship Coach Program, you will be required to take an exam of 100, 50 or 30 questions respectively with a combination of multiple choice, true false and essay questions. A passing grade is 80%.

Students will be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this course for their own practice as relationship coaches, love coaches, wellness coaches, intimacy coaches, and other professional specialties such as educators, sexologists, counselors or therapists.


This course is eligible for credit at the American Board of Sexologists towards the 300 hours required for membership. Please note professional life experiences are also eligible for academic credit as determined by the discretion of the ABS International board, including researchers, documentary filmmakers, authors, adult toy retailers or other entrepreneurs in the field of sexual health and pleasure.  Visit ABS for more details: http://www.americanboardofsexology.org/