Female Arousal & Anatomy Coaching

Female Anatomy & Arousal Course

This fundamental course on female sexuality focuses on the basic anatomy of a woman her multiple stages of sexual health and arousal. Internal and external erogenous zones are described in detail so that you can find and stimulate how to stimulate her U, G and A spots enabling maximum pleasure that may lead to orgasm and female ejaculation.

This course follows SMART learning objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Phased). By the end of this course, students will understand and be able to:

1. Identify at least five (5) parts of the female genitalia.
2. Differentiate between the various lubricants on the market to enhance female masturbation.
3. Name the five stages of orgasm for women.
4. Explain at least two (2) activities that are considered safe sex.
5. Summarize how acceptance of your sexuality leads to a healthy sex life including body acceptance, permission and personal responsibility.
6. Identify the four (4) parts of the clitoris.
7. Distinguish between the G-spot and the A-spot.
8. Understand how ovulation and impregnation work.
9. Examine common female sexual fantasies.
10. Develop an understanding of when it’s important to refer a client to a sex therapist, sexologist or sex counselor.
11. Identify at least five (5) types of orgasms in women.
12. Identify at least three (3) types of gynecological cancer.
13. Explain what and where the Skene’s gland is in a woman’s body.
14. Understand the importance of the vagina’s Ph balance and how it can become upset and / or properly maintained.
15. Learn about psychological obstacles to orgasms in women.

1. Video:
FEMALE ANATOMY & AROUSAL Narrated Multimedia Presentation Video (1hr 20m)
Train Your Mind To Be Sexy Through Meditation, Fantasies & Yoga with Dr. Anne Ridley (45 minutes)
Kundalini Yoga For The immune System by Gurutej Kaur (1hr, 3m)
2. Audio:
Female Sexuality Hypnosis Session (22 minutes)
3. Final Quiz – 25 questions (about 30 minutes)*

*If you are enrolled in our Certified Love Coach Program, Certified Master Sexpert Program or Certified Relationship Coach Program, you will be required to take an exam of 100, 50 or 30 questions respectively with a combination of multiple choice, true false and essay questions. A passing grade is 80%.

Students will be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this course for their own practice as relationship coaches, love coaches, wellness coaches, intimacy coaches, and other professional specialties such as educators, sexologists, counselors or therapists.

 This course is eligible for credit at the American Board of Sexologists towards the 300 hours required for membership. Please note professional life experiences are also eligible for academic credit as determined by the discretion of the ABS International board, including researchers, documentary filmmakers, authors, adult toy retailers or other entrepreneurs in the field of sexual health and pleasure.  Visit ABS for more details: http://www.americanboardofsexology.org/