Transgender Care for Male to Female

Transgender: Male to Female Course

This course is developed by Dr. Natalia Zhikhareva, a clinical psychologist specializing in transgender care. It offers a comprehensive overview of the transgender woman’s experience, and how a person born physically as a man can transition to a woman’s gender assignment through feminizing hormone therapy, breast augmentation, hair removal, tracheal shaves, and surgical reassignment procedures. The course covers the psychological and social aspects of gender dysphoria and transition, as well as trans female sexuality, sexual partners, dating and sex tools that include sensual massage, oral pleasure and sex toys to help become comfortable as one’s true female self.

This course follows SMART learning objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Phased). By the end of this course, students will understand and be able to:

  1. Understand gender dysphoria and how it manifests over the stages of life.
  2. Identify at least three (3) etiological theories of etiology for transgender identity.
  3. Differentiate between gender identity, sexual orientation and biological sex.
  4. Name four (4) ways in which a trans woman can engage in a ‘social transition’ to her true gender identity.
  5. Explain the negative effects on human beings that result from suppressing one’s true gender identity.
  6. Summarize how tucking and stuffing work to change a trans woman’s appearance.
  7. Identify at least five (5) ways estrogen, antiandrogen and progesterone therapy changes a trans woman’s physical body and emotions.
  8. Be familiar with the requirements for transsexual top and bottom surgery as outlined by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).
  9. Be familiar with how the prostate gland can be used to create a G-spot during a trans woman’s surgery.
  10. Develop a plan for trans clients to work through their body acceptance and become excited about dating and sex in their new identity.
  11. Identify at least three (3) effects of surgery on sexual response.
  12. Identify at least three (3) effects of transition on sexuality.
  13. Explain the procedures of Orchiectomy, Penectomy and Vaginoplasty surgery.
  14. Understand the benefits and challenges of the trans woman’s experience post-operation.
  15. Learn about Facial Feminization surgery and a Tracheal Shave.


  1. Video:

Narrated Multimedia Presentation Video (46m)

Ask The Expert – Dr. Connie Rogers on Understanding Transgender Issues (35 minutes)

  1. Final Quiz – 25 questions (about 30 minutes)*

*If you are enrolled in our Certified Love Coach Program, Certified Master Sexpert Program or Certified Relationship Coach Program, you will be required to take an exam of 100, 50 or 30 questions respectively with a combination of multiple choice, true false and essay questions. A passing grade is 80%.

Students will be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this course for their own practice as relationship coaches, love coaches, wellness coaches, intimacy coaches, and other professional specialties such as educators, sexologists, counselors or therapists.

 This course is eligible for credit at the American Board of Sexologists towards the 300 hours required for membership. Please note professional life experiences are also eligible for academic credit as determined by the discretion of the ABS International board, including researchers, documentary filmmakers, authors, adult toy retailers or other entrepreneurs in the field of sexual health and pleasure.  Visit ABS for more details: http://www.americanboardofsexology.org/