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Junior Sexpert Master Course

The Junior Sexpert Program is a mini version of the Certified Love Coach, Master Sexpert & Relationship Coach programs for only $349.65.

You get 20 minutes of each course on Healing, Communication, Consent, Love, Flirting, Kissing, Dating, Aphrodisiacs, Foreplay, Erotic Talk, Self-Pleasure, Adult Toys, Couples Enrichment, Couples Intimacy, Disabilities & Intimacy, Pleasing a Man & Pleasing a Woman, Oral Pleasure, Male & Female Anatomy & Arousal, Positions, G-Spot, Gay Men & Gay Women, Transgender Care for Male to Female & Female to Male, Tantra, Role-Play, Power Play, Polyamory, Erotic Massage, The Big O, Boundaries & Taboos, Foot Fetish, Back Door Play, Eroticism & Group Erotica. 

Plus 8 Sexpert Panel Videos, 23 e-books, 2 Hypnosis audios, a video with Dr. Ava and Dr. Z on Transgender Care & a Video with Carlana Stone on Intimacy & Disabilities. 

The program is self-paced & all materials are available online 24 hours a day, so you can learn at your own comfort level. 

When you pass your final quiz of 25 multiple choice questions, you will receive your Junior Sexpert Certificate. 

You can upgrade to one of the Certified Coaching Programs at any time and use what you have already paid towards your upgrade!